The Family Law In Singapore: Let’s Talk About Divorce!


Family is the smallest community in society. It is a group of people, the parents, and the children. It is a small group wherein the parents and children unit, discipline, respect, religion, as well as the culture, are first taught. Also the problems, it is where the first problem/s may occur, in which the parents will deal with it. Most of the parents can’t take and can’t solve the problem that leads to separation or divorce. The most common family problems are:

  • Disagreements
  • Different personalities lead to fighting
  • Arguing, specifically the parents
  • Separation or divorce
  • The jealousy between siblings or husband and wife
  • Illness, disabilities, and mental health

All these family issues are not accepted when filing a divorce case until proven right. The Family Justice Courts of Singapore accept divorce cases without any divorce lawyer.

When do you need a divorce lawyer?

Find a good divorce lawyer singapore when children are involved, which is normal in a divorce case. A lawyer would assist you with the agreements. The court may provide legal assistance. However, a divorce lawyer specializes in divorce cases concerning children’s welfare and for their future. There are variations of the best interest of the child’s standard. Did you know that the primary focus in a divorce case is providing for the children? Both parties are not free from the duties and responsibilities of their children. As parents, the right to provide for the child is severely restricted. If you fail, you can be in a difficult situation. A divorce lawyer will arrange for the marriage assets settlement and division or any spousal support.

Talk to a lawyer to take legal actions

You are now in the situation that the legal union is facing issues and not going well. Both of you are fighting, grown-up apart, and unhappy, perhaps, you would consider ending the marriage. Meet a divorce lawyer if your marriage life is facing trouble, especially valid reasons to file for a separation or divorce, for your safety and protection. Consulting a lawyer when facing marital difficulties will be the best situation before it ends in separation. However, consulting a divorce lawyer doesn’t mean that you are going to file a divorce case. These legal attorneys can assist married couples to fix marriage issues. But, if the issues are worse and it is subject to divorce, these lawyers will serve as your legal defenders.

How to win a divorce case?

Only the judge can grant a divorce. The divorce lawyer will serve as your legal defender or adviser when raising a divorce case. The lawyer will advise fixing the marriage or both parties will be invited to marriage counseling. Marriage counseling will be a lecture about being married and the life of being a married couple. How to deal with problems, facing them both of you. Even all the chances to take to fix the marriage are tackled and discussed during the counseling sessions. But, if it doesn’t work, a complainant must prove the following scenarios to win the divorce case.

The divorce applicant must prove some scenarios for an irretrievable breakdown, it should be the following:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion for two years
  • Separation for 3-4 years
  • Unreasonable behavior

Take all these seriously, you might be one of the divorce complainants soon, this guide could help.

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