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Industry 2

Trade Recap 9/18/16: Basket Trading

When asked for quick trading tips, I invariably get asked “how many orders do you have?” Much to the surprise of those wanting to get ahead in the trading game, […]

Industry 1

Trade Recap 9/11/16: Expanding Investor Services

There has been a recent addition to the Eve Mogul website. A more comprehensive charting display has been added through a collaboration with Eve Prosper. Although CREST graphs have been […]

Neocom Podcast 2

The Neocom Podcast: Episode 18 – Post Summer Defibrillation

    Elinari and Manic welcome Roedyn, Mike Azariah, and CSM XI representatives Jin’taan and Mr. Hyde to discuss CCP’s new F2P clone model for Eve Online. DOWNLOAD NOW! […]

astrahus art
Industry 0

Trade Recap 9/4/16: Milestones, and More than Markets

With the latest contribution to the investment group, we crossed a significant milestone. Currently, we have assumed control of slightly over 100 billion isk in trade assets. From our humble […]

Industry 1

Trade Recap 8/28/16: CCPlease, Cooperative Trading Options

Being in my new alliance, Wrecking Machine, has been a source of active group play in terms of scheduled operations, roams, and the ability to influence a group of players […]

Industry 5

Trade Recap 8/21/16: Expanding Influence and Operations

This week was quite uneventful. Fortizars were destroyed, and for every city they burn, they build one higher. Unfortunately, this level and type of destruction did little to the stocks […]