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Neocom Updates

Dev Blog: Information Warfare

The masters of Eve Online aren’t the people with all of the information. The elite are those who know what to do with the information and how to organize it. […]

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What happens when you don’t #broadcast4reps? Here’s a clue..

Earlier today, I posted an open letter to former team members of The Neocom in our Discord Channel. I felt it necessary to post it publicly as a way to […]

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From Trader To CSM XII Candidate

I am excited to announce my bid to become a member of CSM XII. You have seen me develop over the last few months as a trader, fund manager, and […]

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Trade Recap 11/20/16: Adjusting To Ascension

The new expansion opened the flood gates and introduced a new face of Eve to the waiting public. It felt strange to see previously barren systems filled with bodies and […]

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Trade Recap 11/13/16: NETC Trade Tool Guide

The NETC Trade Tool has been added to the Eve Mogul web site along with its already comprehensive list of tools to assist market players of all types. We will […]

Eve Reader Podcast 1

The Eve Reader Podcast: Episode 53 – The Slow Disease

Today’s Chronicle gives us an insight into the mind of Tibus Heth, the man who rose to power as the de facto ruler of the Caldari State. Even the most […]

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Trade Recap 11/6/16: Shifting Gears And Getting Paid

The period before an expansion tends to be quiet – and the state of the markets in the waiting period before the Ascension expansion hits has been no exception. It is […]