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Eve News 10

Lenny Kravitz2 and The REAL War of Sov-less Aggression

The markets of New Eden are in play, but not in the way you’d suspect. For our loyal readers, you’ve been reading every Monday as Roedyn has build up a […]

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Industry 0

Trade Recap 8/14/16: Station Trading In Amarr

This trading week was definitely filled with challenges. The Fortizars around Jita were besieged, causing a fair amount of hesitation to commit large sums to buy orders. This plagued the […]

Community News 4

Trade Recap 8/7/16: Investing In People, A Community Proposal

Last week, we touched upon the idea of finding opportunities. I recommended to my investors to keep their eyes open for market opportunities and players that can further our goals. […]

Neocom Podcast 0

The Neocom Podcast – Episode 17: A Single Unit of Fun

Manic Velocity and Elinari Rhodan are joined by Rahne, Roedyn, and Suitonia to discuss the upcoming Alliance Tournament DOWNLOAD NOW! Feedback: 5 Star iTunes Reviews: iTunes (Germany) – Von […]

Industry 4

Trade Recap 7/31/16: RMT Portfolio

We have come to a point in our trading operations where we needed to re-evaluate where we will be dedicating large portions of our money to. When we first started, […]

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Opinion 4

The State of Low Security Space

Between the Empires and the lawless expanse of Null Security Space lies the darkness known as Low Security Space. A haven for roving bands of Pirates, Faction Militias, and all […]


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