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The #ProtoType Show: #Scandalbois

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Trade Recap 10/16/16: Help When You Can

This was a big news week. It was announced that CCP will be banning casinos from transferring in-game assets as prizes in games of chance. Bans were also handed out to […]

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Trade Recap 10/9/16: Conversations About The Trade Network

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak with Lenny Kravitz2 about some plans he had regarding the markets. I was brought into voice comms with Lenny and his friend, […]

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Her Name is Olivia

(Author’s Note: The following is a non-game related human interest story that pertains to the volunteer organization Broadcast for Reps / Spam for Heals, or B4R as it will be […]

One Astero, one data site, and one weird tip.
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The State of Exploration

This week, in our “State of the Game” series, Johnny Splunk, founder of EVE-Scout, discusses where exploration stands, and the outlook for the coming months. Exploration Alpha Clones Recently it […]

Yeah, they've got four Guardians.
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Trade Recap 10/2/16: Trade Like You Fight

When I first started trading more seriously, I was lost as to how exactly to proceed. Of course there were guides and outdated videos, but most were generic and shallow. […]