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Trade Recap 7/24/16: Trade Wars

It’s no secret that I have been offshoring my buy orders. Since the fiasco that caused me to lose access to modify buy orders from the Niyabainen Fortizar, I have […]

Spotlight 1

Community Spotlight: The Empyrean Chronicles: Volume 1

On June 10th, the incomparable Rixx Javix released the first volume of a hopeful series of e-books called The Empyrean Chronicles – a collection of short stories from various authors […]

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Trade Recap 7/17/16: Leverage

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting private messages regarding trading tips and best practices. I did my best to answer the questions.  However, the conversations were actually very […]

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The Eve Reader Podcast: Episode 51 – Khumaak

Today’s episode is the story of a rebellion by the Minmatar tribe known as the Starkmanir, and the Amarr reaction to this rebellion. This incident is significant as a leading […]

New Players 4

The State of the New Player Experience

Mike Azariah, member of CSM 8, 9 and 10, elder statesman of highsec, and veteran helper of newbies, considers the state of the new player experience in EVE: how far […]

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Trade Recap 7/10/16: Hard Restart

This was a pretty eventful week. I have been placing remote buy orders from a Fortizar in Niyabainen for items to sell in Jita. Suddenly, I was unable to modify orders […]


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