Straight dip tobacco is one of the finest products being made in the U.S. by dip making companies for people who want traditional dip tobacco. If you are a dip user who likes the sweet aroma of the dip that has a somewhat smoky taste, then here are some of the most popular brands that you must try. All of the products offered by these brands are made for existing adult customers who are at least 21 years old and are looking for a great tobacco dip product.

Stokers straight long cut

Straight dip tobacco offered by this company is more like sweet tea and tobacco mixed. It is the only company to offer this unique taste in their products. Most users choose this product because it is a great option available in the market. The texture and strength of the product are good.

Black Buffalo straight long cut

The product offered by the company is a bold and smooth blending of flavors. The company promises the user of this alternative dip product the satisfaction of a real dip. What is unique about Black Buffalo is that they created a product without traditional tobacco leads and stems and that is something that a lot of users like. Due to its sweet tobacco smell, it is gaining popularity in not just the towns but is talk of the street too. Many online dippers have praised the straight long cut of Black Buffalo for being the best among its competitors.

Kodiak straight long cut

Many new switchers have found the product to be worthy of praise. The product’s flavor is more like an aroma. Being a tobacco-centric flavored product, it is slightly different from other products as it has the mixed taste of being spicy, sweet, and smokish. The added sweetness is a delight to the mouth, while there is spice flavor in the background and a subtle hint of smoke, but all the products are smokeless as chewing tobacco normally is.

Copenhagen straight long cut

The brand boasts about its great tobacco taste, which has a little bit of sweetness and promises the nicotine buzz. The product has quality nicotine and it is flavorful compared to some other flavors available. The texture of the Copenhagen is coarse which makes it easy to remove an entire pinch without hassle.

Skoal straight long cut

It is what everyday dip must be. The product is known for its sweet tobacco flavor. If you are looking for a dip that has a strong nicotine kick and is easily dip-able, this is what a lot of people like. It has the everlasting flavor and Skoal has been on the market for a long time and is a reliable brand.

Ordering Online

Lately a lot more companies are offering their products online and that is a great way to have products shipped directly to you and you just need to make sure that you can verify your age to be over 21 and then can enjoy great products from a variety of vendors offering chewing tobacco and dip tobacco products.

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