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You are most likely here because you have been the victim of a personal injury accident that has left you dazed and confused. The main issue at hand after sustaining an injury is dealing with the aftermath of such a traumatic experience. In this difficult time, we sympathize with both your physical and emotional pain. Dealing with the legal and medical repercussions after your accident is something that will cause you stress and worry. However, you do not have to deal with these issues alone, there are people that can help you throughout your process.

What if we told you that by hiring a Florida personal injury attorney, you would have only to focus on recuperating from your injury? Meanwhile, a dedicated legal representative would strive to grant you an honest compensation for that injury. Sounds good right? Stay tuned for a detailed account on the types of personal injuries that you may be suffering from, as well as the benefits of acquiring legal representation.

Types of Accidents

Slip and Falls are perhaps one of the most notoriously common accidents that lead from mild to severe personal injuries to people on any given day. One of the main issues with slip and falls is the factor of surprise that comes with it. It can be an unexpected slip, leaving you with a broken bone, head trauma, or worse. Slip and falls commonly occur in places like office spaces, restaurants, supermarkets and malls.These are incidents often influenced by negligence, since the owner or individual responsible of the said establishment has failed to warn and prevent a trigger leading to a slip and fall.

Car accidents are unfortunate incidents that happen in the blink of an eye, leaving you with a serious neck or back injury. Oftentimes, these accidents also result in death, highlighting the danger of such an event. Alcohol consumption, speeding, and reckless driving are the three main triggers on average for car accidents in the United States.

Dog bites are traumatic incidents that can truly ruin someone’s life. In this case, the owner is also the prime culprit in exercising a lack of responsibility. The owner of the animal is thus responsible for the dog’s behavior and whereabouts. If the dog attacks another person, the owner must be held liable for damages.

Benefits of legal representation

Dealing with the insurance companies: This is a crucial advantage of hiring a personal injury attorney, because insurance companies turn nasty when you decide to fail a claim. The company’s prime objective is to make money, and to do so they will do whatever it takes to undervalue or undermine your damages. For that reason, you need a competent legal representative to do the talking for you with these companies. These attorneys have the nerve and stamina to protect your rights and achieve your compensation.

Adding value to your claim: Personal injury attorneys will give value to your claim by assessing your damages, gathering key witnesses, and building an adequate case that represents your endured trauma due to someone else’s negligence.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit: When your claim becomes a personal injury lawsuit, it is vital that you are legally represented in court by a competent attorney. Insurance companies try to avoid going to court but when your claim goes to trial, they will become vicious. Personal injury attorneys know the in and outs of personal injury law, fighting to provide you with a deserved settlement.

Now that you have further educated yourself on the complexities of personal injuries, alongside the benefits of legal representation, we hope that you will make a sound decision. If you are an individual who suffered any of the mentioned accidents, you need to be accompanied by a professional who will repair your damages. Please do not hesitate to contact a local Florida personal injury attorney right away!

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