5 Things to consider before choosing a Financial Planner who suits your needs



Seeking a financial planner is not that easy as many people think. Many new professionals may end up hiring the wrong professional because sometimes they make decisions in a hurry or don’t have much idea of how to find the right one. For example, how the human resource department does find the right employee that fits in the role, by checking their history of employment, education, skills, and all the other credentials.

Many people are good at making money but many lack the skill to manage it. Are you purchasing an expensive car that affects the budget, or are saving too much by compromising the current standard of living? If yes, then follow these rules to find the appropriate professional.

Check the Employment History:

Why you distinctly mention your skills and experience in the resume? To make the employer understand your expertise level that helps them in the hiring process. The same concept applies here. Assume yourself HR and check rigorously what skills they have.

Also, by checking the list of clients they have served in the past, you will have a better projection of the expertise level, whether they are competent enough to serve your need or not.

An advisor’s website and articles could be a good starting point to learn about their qualifications, planning practice, and thought process, says Roger Ma a financial planner at lifelaidout and author of Work Your Money, Not Your Life.

Check the Services Offered:

Many investment advisors claim themselves as the “financial advisors”, beware of such professionals because they are only good at selling the investment schemes or insurance plan to the people instead of having the real knowledge of the subject.

You may want the expert for the retirement solutions but financial advisors have the pool of skills. An expert may have the command in tax domain, insurance, investment, retirement solution, and many more.

Better to choose who offers multi-services rather than offering limited services.

Check the Certification:

It is advisable to look for a certified financial planner like Ed Rempel and others. The market is flooded with many people tagging themselves as the financial planner but use your brain to find the real one out of them. The certified planner is licensed and regulated plus they have to attend the classes to keep themselves updated on the latest information. Ed Rempel review is a fee-based planner helping many Canadians get their financial houses in order and keep them there.

The certified has a better in-depth knowledge of the profession and performs more efficiently.

Check the Payment Structure:

Both parties have to be comfortable in a matter of money. The client looks for value for the amount they pay and the advisors want the compensation for the hard work and the time they put in.

Many charge flat fees, commission, hourly basis, assets based, or any other. Find the congenial way to reach a mutual agreement.


Check the availability of the planner according to the business requirement. Many advisors are available once in a blue moon, and others may be available regularly.

You have to clearly mention at the time of hiring that how frequently you want them to meet you. 

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