Bookmaking and Winning the Games Easily


Create an account with a Sbobet88 Mobile operator offering a refunded first lost bet. Feed this account with fresh money: card, electronic wallet, bank transfer. Place your first bet on the result of a football match whose outcome seems highly probable to you. Cash in your winnings or request a refund of your bet. Let’s review these 5 essential steps to win a sports bet on football:

Why choose an approved operator in your country of residence?

The field of sports betting is strewn with pitfalls. Nothing would be more frustrating than winning a big bet and being denied payment of the corresponding amount for some obscure reason. Hence our first recommendation:

What is the benefit of the refunded lost bet?

Take the time to read our editorial pages on the conditions for obtaining the welcome bonuses offered by the operators. You will see a wide variety of offers ranging from matching your first deposit to getting freebets and refunding your first lost bet.

It is this last bonus proposal that we recommend that you choose as a priority. Indeed, what interests us here is to earn money and not to lose it. However, by definition, any bet is risky and can cause you to lose your stake.

By opting for an operator offering “a first lost bet refunded” you thus ensure that you do not lose anything when you place your first bet.

Can we bet on football without deposit and without registration?

Betting on football without revealing your identity and without depositing money is impossible for the following 2 reasons:

  • the legislator needs to know the identity of the bettor (taxation, transfer of winnings)
  • the operator cannot finance itself without remuneration.
  • After registration and in the event of a lost bet, Betclic (see here) allows you to recover your deposit without conditions

What are the deposit methods for football betting?

To bet on football, there are 4 main categories of ways to deposit money with a sports betting operator:

  • bank cards: Visa, Mastercard, Electron (credit, debit)
  • prepaid cards available in tobacconists or via the Internet (Paysafecard, ticket-premium, etc.)
  • electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.)
  • bank transfers

How to choose the competition and the football match on which to bet?

The choice of the competition or the match on which to bet is capital. Basically, there are two types of strategies: betting on a top tier championship, or betting on a lesser known competition. Big leagues, likeLigue 1 gold the Champions League, are probably more accessible to beginners, because it is very easy to find information and forecasts. The more exotic championships, such as the Japanese, Swiss, Finnish or Croatian leagues, can however be worth it and reserve some nice surprises. However, they are not accessible to everyone; if you decide to adopt this strategy, make sure, before registering on a site, that its betting offer is suitable. Betclic and Winamax are two reputable operators for covering both big matches and more obscure competitions.


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