Why is Effective Communication Important in an Organization?


What makes the organization achieve its goal?  Factors like hard work, commitment, dedication, discipline, and above all an ‘effective communication’, which is the driving force for all these factors.

Communication plays a vital role in the operations and smooth functioning of the organization. It is a major reason for the employee’s contentment and the great way to build a vast clientele.

Nurturing Relationships:

How can the organization build a relationship with the customers and the stakeholders? Not only by clearly communicating the message and information but also by listening to them or/and engaging with them.

Positive and constructive feedback can be provided by effective communication; also, it is important to make people aware of the features, values, and pros and cons of the product.

Bring Innovation:

Open communications make people feel free to remote work monitoring express their ideas and views. An interactive session not only solves the employee’s queries but encourages them to come up with new ideas.

They can give the bundle of suggestions to improve the product and services. By communicating the vision and mission to the employees, they can help to identify the opportunities and bring new ideas.

Increases Productivity:

The more effective the communication, the higher the productivity. For example, an organization manufactures the kid’s toys, then the superior needs to explain clearly who the target audience is, what design and color they want in the product.

Think, without providing the guideline, can an employee work effectively? No this is the foremost part of any organization to communicate every section of its product and services to the employees.

Team Building:

A manager has to take care of every aspect within the organization and the team. Starting from communicating what the task is, until the completion of the project, they have to support the team.

Apart from this, they are responsible to build the trust, harmony, and collaboration within the team member. What if the employees are holding grudges with each other? Will the team be able to achieve the target? It is beyond imagination. The manager has to listen to the employee’s grievances and solve if the conflict arises in an unbiased manner.

Strong leadership involves being able to motivate, communicate and plan effectively which results in a stronger team and increased productivity, says Nicole Vulcan who has been a journalist since 1997.

Motivates Employees:

Give a thought about the scenario, people are coming in the organization, completing the task, and going back home. There is no healthy interaction within the team and with the manager. This condition may give birth to the frustration among the employees leaving them to feel unvalued.

The best way to becoming a good leader like George Scorsis and other global executives is when a team member requires advice or encouragement, offers it. George Scorsis Florida is Executive Chairman of WeedMD and has worked with companies that operate in the highly restricted market.

A healthy team meeting and interaction sessions can help increase job satisfaction, makes employees feel valued, and can motivate the employees. It increases productivity. Also, it is very necessary to communicate the code of conduct to maintain the decorum and discipline in the organization.

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