Vital tips and strategies for intraday trading India


Day trading is dependent on various factors to get the results. As a result, every trader needs to have a practical approach towards the problem and making the right solution to it. 

This means that there are no shortcuts to the process and earnings trickle in only after having substantial experience about the intraday trading India

Important tips for intraday trading in India

Many young traders enter the intraday trading India with an idea that they can make huge profits using a single trade. However, this is not possible. If you wish to earn well with intraday trading, you need to study and dedicate yourself to learn through experience. 

Some of the important aspects of day trading are – 

  • Profits and loss are the part of the process –

Traders with good understanding of intraday trading India can make huge profits. Thus, one needs to research on the market and keep themselves updated on the international and domestic trends. These factors help you to get a clear idea about the company and stock market future to get the best results. 

  • Have a practical approach –

While opting for intraday trading India, it is important to understand that the same is dependent on market sentiments. In simple terms, your investment should be like the movement of the market.

If the market is bullish, then invest in small stock to earn small profits instead of making a lunge for the big fish. In case of bearish trends, buy and sell at lower level to gain small profits through 2 or 3 trades itself. 

  •  Reduce the losses

Making an entry to intraday trading India means that you must focus on to earn money from small profits. One way to do this is to wait for the best time to trade. 

Also, never wait to generate huge profits in one single trade. Instead, invest in multiple trades to earn small profits. Also, traders send to overtrade and make huge losses. The best outcome in such a case is to avoid using speculative buying of stocks and to use stop loss strategy to gain the best results. 


A smart move in intraday trading is to invest merely 50 percent of the actual investment. The rest of the amount must be kept as a back-up. Until you gain substantial experience, you should avoid going above this limit for the best results. 

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