The Way to Visit Borobudur Without Travel Guide


Forget the Borobudur excursions & guides, read about the facts of the planet’s most splendid Buddhist temple, find out the entry fee & how to get into Borobudur by bus out of Yogyakarta on your DIY experience!

Before we enter into logistics, then let us have a look at some facts and history supporting the Borobudur temple chemicals:

When was it constructed? Who constructed it? Why was it constructed?

There are no written records to figure out these questions for sure. However, evidence suggests that construction of Borobudur, Indonesia began in the 8th century, continuing approximately 75 decades.

This is the era of the Sailendra Dynasty, also a marine empire that not only ruled the seas of Southeast Asia but chased agricultural farming from Central Java.

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The Sailendra are believed to have been the followers of Mahayana Buddhism, but they might also have been Hindus.

In actuality, there have been many royal marriages between Hindu & Buddhist nobles in the moment, too.


The Sailendra are thought to be responsible for the religious monuments situated across all of Central Java, including Buddhist Borobudur and also the nearby Hindu Prambanan. It’s also easy to access Prambanan by bus from Yogyakarta.

With its Buddhist heart, the monument contains many Hindu elements, particularly in the carvings & reliefs comprising Hindu gods.

The world’s biggest Buddhist temple was even built on Hindu foundations. Three stone terraces were on the site whenever Sailendra laid eyes on it he just decided to construct Borobudur inside it.

The generations that followed saw a change of energy to the east of the country and also the coming of Islam on Java Island so that by the 16th century, Borobudur had been mysteriously abandoned.

Again, there’s no written proof; however, it’s likely that the natives were driven away by a massive volcanic eruption or when there were more mass conversions to Islam.

Transportation Options to Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Transportation

Borobudur is the planet’s most significant Buddhist temple and one of the most massive Buddhist monuments ever created. Situated in Indonesia, travelling to Borobudur may be achieved by car, taxi, or bus.


If you want to have a cab to Borobudur, get your hotel phone and arrange transport and inquire to help pay back the cost. A whole day’s support to and from the website should cost no more 300,000 Rupiah or even a bit more than USD 30. Though you may also take the bus, a cab is most likely the best way to go if there are simply a few guests at your party. Sometimes, you might be able to take the transport supplied by your hotel. When coming out of their temple, it might be feasible for you to negotiate a lower price than usual.


If you’re coming to Yogyakarta and moving straight to Borobudur temple, you might use the bus terminus to get a bus into Magelang or perhaps Muntilan. From either place, you can grab a bus into the Borobudur terminus. These rides will need about two weeks. You could even head into the temple at Semarang. The port town of Semarang is a few 100 kilometres away. However, the journey might take more than 3 hours regardless of a police escort. Visitors to Borobudur must make sure they have ample time to travel on the busy streets leading from Semarang.


Getting to Borobudur requires travelling from among the local cities. There are a lot of daily flights from Surabaya, Jakarta, and Semarang to Yogyakarta out of which you’ll be able to continue your travels by cab or bus. Some flights are relatively short, such as the flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, which requires roughly 50 minutes.

Ready to start your getaway to Borobudur? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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