Team Leader / Tryhard: Protovarious


I have been playing Eve Online since 2007, most of which in null sec. Former Shiva under Morsus Mihi, Anthrax Death, high-sec carebear, then spent some time in the CFC under Fatal Ascension. Presently, I am a Director in Nova Haven as well as co-host and Producer of The Neocom Podcast.


Co-Founder / Tim Tam Exporter: Kira Tsukimoto


In game since about November of 2014, I am a Jr. Fleet Commander, Events Coordinator, and Dojo Staff member in Brave Newbies as well as co-host of The Neocom Podcast. I love pink ships, running drunk roams, pina coladas, and gettin caught in the rain.



 NullSec Specialist / Daddy Warbucks: Otto Bismarck

Otto Bismarck

A 12 year veteran of EVE Online. I have been in some of the most notorious EVE Online Corporations/Alliances. There isn’t much that I haven’t done. However now I am heavily involved in the Australian EVE Online Community, being the current host/producer of the EVE Down Under Show. Proud Director of Reikoku and Member of Pandemic Legion.


 Small Gang PvP Guru / Lead Writer: Roedyn


Currently in Circle of Two, I have been playing since 2009. I have experienced high sec, null sec, spent extended periods in wormhole space, and have toons that have consistently lived and thrived in low sec.



Content Manager / Associate Producer: Dorian Reu

Dorian Reu

My name is Dorian Reu and i’m an explorer of New Eden, as a Signal Cartel line member. Before this, I was a High Sec miner. That is until I found Thera and the “cat and mouse” game of exploration. Now I see places in New Eden I never knew existed and shoot fireworks at war dec’ers in Jita, while ewar’ing the crap out of them. When I realized how much more to this game there was, I started a blog, Eden’s Lost ( I created it to tell the story’s of my toons and their travels through this wonderful dangerous game. So maybe others could see this game as I see it.

Eve Reader Podcast Producer / Narrator God: Zendane


My name is Zendane and I began playing Eve in 2006. I kicked around New Eden everywhere from highsec to wormholes before finding a long-term home in lowsec space. Inspired by a ridiculously long commute and an appreciation of audio books for sanity retention, I started the Eve Reader podcast as a way to bring the backstory of Eve to the community in an audio format.


Social Media Manager / Resident Fuzzball: ScaredPanda


Former member of Signal Cartel and Twitch streamer at



Music Director / Geek of our hearts: Terris Dadundar

Terris Dadundar

Terris Dadundar is an Industrialist by trade and an expert in waking up in new and interesting clone vats. The player behind Terris has been in the game since 2007 and has killed at least one laptop due to the obsession that is Eve Online. Interests include creating electronic music and the sweet incense of solder fumes. Ordo Digitalis Internet Space Corporation / Brothers of Tangra

Project eve audio Producer / Valkyrie and VR manager: ELINARI RHODAN

Elinari Rhodan
Elinari Rhodan

Existing in New Eden since late 2013, I’ve gone from high sec PVE’er and incursion logi commander to nullsec-based corp director, with a little terrible lowsec pirating in between. Collector of stories, writer of scripts, creator of strange SFX and owner of an odd range of accents. Central Omni Galactic Group [COGG]

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