Online Therapy


Online therapy , also known as e-therapy, e-consulting, cyber consulting, online consulting , is done on the internet. It is a method that provides support with the help of a psychological counselor over the Internet. To use this method, platforms such as mail, video conferencing, online chat, messaging, or telephony are required. In other words, while using communication channels that can develop instantly, channels with delayed responses can also be used. Keep Reading this article that give you knowledge on online therapy.

There are also those who argue that the methods performed with delayed news are not correct. The thought that online therapy cannot be done with communication channels that do not provide an effective communication opportunity is dominant. For this reason, platforms offering instant communication are used. The most important thing in this therapy method is to make sure that people are experts. It would not be right to start therapy without the necessary CV research. Finding the right psychologist is very important.

How Long Has Online Therapy In Our Lives?

Contrary to popular belief, online therapy dates back to ancient times. It is not a new concept. Sigmund Freud exchanged information with the clients he was treating with by letter. In fact, he mostly used letters. When the year was 1982, aid groups started to appear on the internet. Today, many expert psychologists use this method. The expansion of online counseling services has also driven developments in healthcare services.

Online therapy today is particularly effective in getting addicted people together. Because some addicted people are afraid to go out in society. Therefore, they do not want to do face to face therapy. Online therapy is a positive way for such people to open themselves up.

The ability to receive therapy today is limited for some people. According to some, it costs quite high. Online therapies and online therapies reduce this cost. The reduced cost even allows this service to be offered free of charge. In this way, people from all walks of life can find the opportunity to get expert support to solve their problems. However, in some cases it is not possible to present it free of charge. At that time, these services are offered for low fees.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Therapy is essential for people to feel good. Online therapy services are offered in all areas. This method of therapy has many advantages. These advantages can be explained as follows:

For individuals who cannot leave the house, they find therapy opportunities in this way,

Online therapy is beneficial for people who cannot be effective in face-to-face communication.

Provides access to the therapist, especially for people living in rural areas,

It is less costly than face-to-face training,

It prevents wasting time with the road in the chaos of big cities,

It helps people who continue their lives abroad to receive therapy suitable for their own culture.

Online therapies have such advantages. These advantages cause this service to be offered more and more every day. However, online therapy is not available for younger individuals. There is also an opinion that family therapy is only possible face to face. For some people, online therapy is not as effective as face-to-face therapy. However, there are many people who can solve their problems with this method.v

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