Online sports betting – how to place a coupon?


The coupon procedure itself is also very simple. Of course, online sports betting can only be placed if we have already registered an account and have a certain amount of money on it. If these conditions are met, We can search for the event (e.g. a match of the team we support) and the type (e.g. winning) that suit us.

It is also necessary to check the bookmaker odds offered for this event. If everything suits us, we should click on the event, and then it will appear in the e-coupon field – it is usually displayed on the right side of the website.

The next step is to enter your stake amount which we want to bet, however, remember that due to tax issues, only 88% of the amount of our payment will be normally involved in the game (tax issues are explained in detail below in the chapter “Sports betting – tax”).

After final approval of the selection, the coupon is placed. This way, we will bet on single online bookmakers, i.e. SOLO bets. However, if we want to place multi-event bets, i.e. AKO (accumulated) or system bets, we have to add more such choices and only then approve the created e-coupon.

This is where the role of the player ends, now it remains to wait for the result of the event – after its settlement, information on this subject will certainly appear in the tipster’s panel, and any win will also affect his account.

Unfortunately, there are also situations when Internet sports bets are not accepted by the bookmaker’s system for some reason. First of all, there may be problems related to the rate we want to bet.

The simplest explanation is that we do not have enough funds in the account to be able to place certain sports bets – then we have to either lower the stake or fund the account with a sufficient deposit.

Unless the problem lies elsewhere – often legal bookmakers set limits on the amounts that can be placed on a given event, therefore if our stake exceeds this limit, the bet will not be accepted. In such a situation, we can only reduce the amount of the stake.

On the other hand, the stake we planned to bet may also be too low and then it is of course necessary to raise it. Sometimes it may also be required to put more events on the coupon.

Legal betting – odds

Let us assume that the online sports bets we have selected have been selected correctly. How much will we ultimately gain, i.e. what determines the amount of the win? Well, the key factor is the amount of betting odds that the bookmaker set up for a given event.

It depends primarily on the probability of a given result , so if it is very probable, the rate is low, and the less the probability of it occurring, the higher the bookmaker will offer.

In turn, this probability is estimated by the bookmaker’s analysts based on the analysis of statistical data about a given team or player and their own knowledge about them (current events are important, e.g. the fact that the best player will not play in a given game due to an injury) team).

The margin of a given bookmaker is also influenced by the margin of a specific bookmaker, which is between several and several percent of the stake value. Of course, those legal bookmakers have high odds and set their margins low. In addition, there are other factors that may affect the amount of odds, such as how popular online betting is or how many bets have already been accepted for a specific match.

We should remember that courses are dynamic, so each bookmaker follows the development of events and changes its offer on an ongoing basis. For example, if we have a bet on whether team X will win the gold medal at the World Cup, each subsequent match won in this tournament will most likely lower the odds for this event (to win gold), and each loss may result in an increase in the odds.

But beware – the changes only apply to bets that are yet to be placed, while the odds on already placed coupons are fixed and will not change.

Let us add that the odds are most often presented in decimal form , so the closer the rate is to 1.00, the greater the probability of a given result and the smaller possible winnings.

Note, however, that bookmakers with odds below 1.50 are not very profitable, and winning at 1.20 with only a minimum surplus returns the stake. So it is not completely profitable, because by betting even a large amount on sports bets (i.e. risking losing it), we can really win very little.

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