Most Effective Customer Based Solutions for Digital Marketing


Keep an eye on your competition, this is one of the first rules of marketing. What kind of campaign are they using? What types of promotions and special offers?

Maintain a customer business relationship

Cultivating a significant customer base today relies heavily on your presence in social media networks. Facebook fan pages give both shoppers and customers a place to leave feedback for everyone to view. Twitter is a great way to communicate with your audience informally.

Don’ts: What not to do?

Request data immediately

Let visitors register before they can receive information or view your website because this actually rejects more people than it attracts. If your digital marketing campaign requires registration for any reason, only ask for the essential details (such as a first name and email address).

Sending spam

Spam your existing or potential customers through emails, discussion boards, etc. While some online marketers claim to get good results this way, you’re more likely to get banned.

Too many offers

Digital marketing is offering special promotions too oftenbecause companies that do this train their customers to wait for the sale. If you have fewer promotions and offers, people will likely buy more during that time.

A bad product or service

How good is your service or product? If the product stinks, then no amount of marketing can make up for it. See here for tips on an organic approach to SEO.

Imitating and copying

Copy your competition. Just because one of your competitors seems to be doing it slightly differently doesn’t mean you should do it. You never know, their marketing campaign may not work for them at all, so don’t fall into the same trap.

By following the above dosages for digital marketing, you can be sure that your campaign will be much more successful than if you follow the don’ts. By attracting visitors to your website, you increase the visibility (and hopefully sales) of your brand.

We are spending more and more time online and we realize that all too well. We check the Chinese menu around the corner online, we do our banking online, we play games online, we watch TV online, we listen to music online and we make a large part of our purchases online. The latter in particular is the reason why many SMEs are getting stressed these days. After all, you have already spent a lot of time keeping your company running and now you also feel compelled to present your company online. This is quite a challenge for many medium-sized companies.

But can you still get around it? Is it necessary to include an online strategy in your business plan at all?

The simplest answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. In addition to the fact that there is a very good chance that your target group is well represented online,your competition may have already preceded you. So if you want to grow with your company, you will have to put yourself on the map online. To help you make the decision whether you should work on your online presentation or not, we’ve listed the most common questions our customers faced when they had to make this decision.


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