Master The Use Of Layer Masks In Photo Editing


The tool that we will look into in this post is one of the most important in any photo editing job; Layer Mask. The Layer mask is a tool that allows you to control the visibility of any part of the layer, and most importantly, they allow you to go back to the original at any time.

Choosing the right tool is the way to success in your job. Many times, you will find that several tools offer the same basic result, but one of them will always be more suitable than the other.

For this reason, knowing well how layer masks work and what is offered is essential for any simple or advanced editing you want to do, and for that, in this article, you will learn everything you need to master them.

Why Use Layer Masks?

The layer masks are one of the most important tools in photo editing. Why? Well, it is very simple. They offer what is known as a “Non-Destructive Process”.  This means that, unlike other tools, you don’t lose information on the layer to which you apply the mask.

When it comes to photo editing, working non-destructively is vitally important because if you make a mistake or change your mind in your processing, you can go back at any time. Visit

For your better understanding, let’s compare the function of layer masks with the most used erase tool; the Eraser.

You could use the eraser to remove the unnecessary parts of an image, and you would be getting the result you are looking for. Still, this process could be destructive.

Layer masks have been offering the same result as the eraser, but with added options, which makes them the best option. To make your work easier, a layer mask offers a canvas the size of the original layer on which it is not erased, but the opacity of that layer is modified.

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