Important reasons to hire a car accident lawyer in Pueblo


Not all car accidents in Colorado have fatal outcomes. However, if you suffered serious injuries because of someone’s negligence, you should consider filing a claim with their insurance company. The settlement will cover for your losses, medical bills, lost income, and suffering, depending on the facts of the case. Many people often wonder if they should seek legal counsel. In this post, we are sharing the important reasons for hiring a car accident lawyer in Pueblo

  • Know your rights

One of the first reasons why you need a personal injury attorney is to know your rights. Colorado follows the “modified comparative negligence” rule. This means that if you have a part role in causing the accident, your share of compensation will reduce accordingly. If your share of fault is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything at all. Every case involving a car accident or crash is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits and demerits. You need a lawyer to know your rights and options. 

  • Negotiate with the insurance company

Insurance companies have the best resources and legal aid on their side. Their claims adjusters are always interested in minimizing the compensation and financial burden of the company they work for. As such, you need someone who can work on your behalf and offer support for negotiation. Also, your car accident lawyer will help you determine the true value of your claim, because the impact of your injuries may not be immediate. Lawyers work with insurance companies all the time, and they know what it takes to get a fair settlement. 

  • Fair representation at trial

Many people hire car accident lawyers after their claim has denied or delayed. If the claims adjuster has made an offer that’s less than what you deserve, your lawyer can take things to court. The statute of limitations in Colorado allows a period of just three years to file personal injury lawsuits, counting from the date of car accident, so you have to act quick. Your lawyer will also ensure that the compensation covers all expenses you have incurred, including court fees and litigation costs. 

Finally, a good lawyer knows what it takes to investigate a car accident claim and establish liability. They will ensure that you get all the support that’s required for the case, and as needed, they may work with experts and witnesses to get evidence.  Consider contacting a car accident lawyer in Pueblo at the earliest. 

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