How to Successfully Market Your Brand Online in 2020


2020 has seen a lot of change, and with that, consumer interests continue to shift. To best reach target audiences and create sales, some marketing tactics can work best to expand a company’s reach and generate interest and engagement.

  • Put resources into video production

With the barrage of media that now stimulates consumers and captures their attention, the best way to sift through and hold their interest is through video. This has proven to be one of the most effective means to create brand retention, spread the messaging, and generate a return of investment.

Various statistics support video becoming the monster of advertising, and an ad agency in Salt Lake City revealed that making use of this visual medium has allowed them to further cement brand identity with consumers. Whether you make use of short bites that are easy to digest or minute-long clips produced for websites and streaming platforms, consumers nowadays are more drawn to video and will likely stick around to view it more than they would stop to look at a static ad.

On top of that, 92% of viewers are likely to share a video on mobile. Of those, they retain 95% of the message (as opposed to only 10% from text). This creates both shareability and retention.

  • Focus on mid-tail keywords

While it’s good to cover ground on short, medium, and longer keywords when setting up your search engine optimization, the best focal point you can make use of is the mid-tail. These keywords often have two to three words and are a good balance between the high-traffic shorter ones that may be hard to dominate and the longer ones that are more specific but have a lower volume of searches.

Going with mid-tail keywords allows you to create searchability that can still be specifically geared toward your brand. You can avoid the pitfalls of being so specific that you essentially block out other searches that may still apply to your brand.

  • Optimize your social media pages

Social media has grown exponentially over time and dominates the space of users online. For that very reason, statistics show that 91% of businesses in the United States use social media in their marketing.

As it opens up your brand to millions of users and target demographics, making your page searchable and share-worthy can increase awareness about your business and generate not just clicks but actual sales. This entails the use of strategic keywords, digital resources, and content worth clicking. From there, you can make use of calls to action that encourage users to get to your website or a platform where you offer your services and products. If your brand still doesn’t have an active social media presence in this day and age, you are missing out on a vast stream of attention and profits.

Whether you opt to follow trends or want to blaze your own trail, making use of these tactics are surefire ways to give your business an edge in successful marketing in 2020.



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