How to order the Custom Bobbleheads for yourself?



Basically custom bobbleheads are the bobbleheads you can order, and these custom bobbleheads are built from head to toe according to your specifications. A standard bobblehead is around seven inches long, but when ordering Custom Bobbleheads at, you can select your own height to a point.

If you’re not sure what bobbleheads do you remember those large plastic spotted dogs with heads that nodded as the car was pushed over bumps or whatever people put on their back seat window in their cars? Well, most cars don’t have back seat window ledges nowadays, but those bobbleheads are now a common commodity that people can buy online.

Any of these online websites offer custom bobbleheads you can build yourself. For example, you have a teenage son who is well into basketball, you can upload a picture of your son in his basketball apparel, and the online website that specializes in creating these custom designs can recreate your son with a bobblehead head and his clothes will be like that in your picture. 

Of course, these aren’t the cheapest bobbleheads you can find, but they’ll be one of a kind and cost you around $200.00 or more. Depending on how elaborate or easy they can cost less. Standard ones cost twenty dollars and up. Custom make excellent keep sakes for a special event like birthday or maybe winning a state basketball tournament.

Naturally, in a wedding party theme or almost any theme like action figures or sport figures, you can order these custom pieces. Choose these bobbleheads with the bridal couple as the figures then bobble away in their likeness. You can select coloring, clothing, height, hair color or even design your favourite pet like a cat or dog or a parrot or toucan. If you plan to order one that replicates your beloved pet, make sure you choose the animal’s profile or place you like. It may be asleep or even in a begging posture or reclining asleep.

These custom pieces also make excellent wedding favors, particularly if the heads are newlyweds’ heads. You may have them like the bride’s mother or the best man or flower girl. You may plan them for a favourite relative celebrating their 50th anniversary. This will make the very special day a great reminder. 

If you have a college graduate son or daughter, design a custom piece for your graduation day. It will still bring those memories of all the hard work it took to get the parchment. When he or she passed the counter, order one of the custom pieces on that day as a lasting reminder of their achievement.

Consider a personalized bobblehead doll for those who are puzzled about whether to get their friends, loved ones, and co-workers. They are easy to order online, relatively inexpensive depending on what kind of personalized bobblehead you’re looking for, and as far as exclusive gifts go, you won’t do anything better than a custom bobbleheads doll.

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