How To Be A “Gentleman” In a Strip Club


The use of the word “gentleman” conjures images of well groomed men who are totally devoted to proper decorum. A gentleman cares about how he looks and to act appropriately, even when going out on the town with the boys for a night of total debauchery and pleasure.  The environment or location of strip clubs does not excuse shabby behavior. Gentlemen are expected to act like gentlemen however tawdry or shabby a gentlemen’s club may be.

It is important for people to understand that strip clubs are not brothels and they should not be treated as such. Treating staff working in such an establishment shabbily will only earn you some serious scorn. They might dance around naked for men’s enjoyment; they are at work, offering a service and should be afforded the respect they deserve.

It’s all an illusion

A gentleman who frequents adult entertainment clubs know that strip clubs sell an illusion which lasts as long as the patron keeps paying.

Dress to impress

The dress code is important in a mens club. A rakish, well-put together gentleman will get the proper attention than a sloppily dressed chump. So, do put on a clean shirt and jacket and splash some nice smelling cologne.

Be courteous

Regardless of how naked the dancers get, they are just performers playing a different character. It’s a pantomime that a gentleman should not interrupt. A gentleman will not expect more than what is promised.

Gentlemen’s clubs don’t refer to their performers as girls, even the use of the word “stripper” sounds crass. They are grown women, who dance professionally. When speaking to a performer, call them Ms or Mam. Respect goes a long way.

Champagne rooms or VIP sections are pricier but they are more interactive

There is no other feeling like the one you will experience when one of two dancers perform for you as if you were the most important person on earth. With the pressures of daily life and the struggles of having to satisfy your wife, your kids, your friends, boss and everyone else who looks  to you, it is a great to take some time off and just enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. A lot of men go to gentlemen’s clubs to let off steam, to vent. That may mean they need to talk about their lives to someone. Don’t be afraid to talk, the dancers aren’t just performers but a lot of them are great listeners to. In conversations, you can even learn things you didn’t know from the person performing for you.

Take a seat in the front row and tip the dancer throughout her performance.

Front row seats are usually reserved for regulars and VIP but anyone who tips handsomely is most welcome. You can exchange pleasantries with each dollar bill or have a deeper engagement with a larger tip.

A gentleman does not move away during a performance. That is regarded the same way as someone who moves out of a theatre or in the middle of a play or out of a restaurant in the middle of a nice dinner to take a call. It’s rude and off-putting. A gentleman may move on when the dancer leaves the stage, but leaving in the middle of a performance is considered rude.  If you have no intention of paying or tipping then you have no business being in front with the VIPs.

Don’t touch unless permission has been granted

Treat lap dances like you would treat goods at a confectionery or pieces of art at a museum. You can look but keep your hands to yourself. Some performers will allow some touching but a gentleman knows not to do that unless permission has been granted.

Strip clubs are generally for socializing, but the focus is on the performers of course. A gentleman knows not to get so inebriated they forget their manners and also to follow the etiquette and guidelines set out by the establishment and the performers themselves.

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