French Twist To My Frenchie Bulldog Tail


The lace workers from Nottingham started migrating to France during the Industrial Revolution. They migrated along with their dogs of various breeds including the smaller sizes of Bulldogs. It was the product of cross-breeding with terriers and ratter dogs. All these four-legged immigrants became very popular among the fashion-conscious members of the society in no time and received its name “Bouledogue Francais” or simply “French Bulldog” as we know it.

Taking care of Frenchie dogs

Since its evolution, French bulldogs aka Frenchie dog, have soared in popularity and have been consistently ranked among the top registered dog breeds around the world. Even popular celebrities have been smitten with charismatic Frenchies and have adopted them as companions. Though our canine buddies don’t expect anything but our time and presence in return of uncompromising loyalty and love. When it comes to showering affection towards our pooches we always look out for the best accessories available in the market.

Why dogs need cooling bandanas?

Being as fascinating as they are, our Frenchie Dog deserves everything of the highest quality and as unique as it can be. Especially, as they are brachycephalic (shorter airway structure) they are more susceptive to respiratory disorders. Hence it is very important to choose proper and high quality health harnesses. It is especially designed for dogs with short noses and flat faces like French bulldogs instead of collars to avoid tension on the trachea.

The air intakes

Having a shorter snout and airway makes it difficult for them to get enough air intakes causing respiratory distress during exercises, hiking or, even short casual walks in the park, which could be life-threatening. But that does not mean our partners would be deprived of their relishing walk sessions or a short hike.

Use of cooling bandanas

Health experts suggest keeping our Frenchies and other short, flat-faced breeds of dogs away from stress and high heated climate. But even in soothing climate, a short walk or hike can significantly increase the body temperature of our pets; hence it is important to keep some type of cooling mechanism on their body like a French bulldog cooling bandanas. It is an ideal compact and light accessory with light mesh fabric which stays cold for hours, just wet, wring and place it on your dog.

Keep your pets cool and relaxed

These bandanas not only help to keep your pets cool and relaxed but its unique and quirky prints oozes high street fashion sense. Among the various designs available, Seashells cooling bandana for Frenchie dog could bring out the showstopper in your French hunk.

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