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Jennifer Mee acquired prestige just like a fifteen years old after getting endured out of your incurable situation of hiccups. At 19 she was billed of first degree murder after getting involved in a fatal robbery.

Under Florida law, everyone who needed part in the fatal robbery are equally accountable for murder whatever the part performed inside the crime.

My view happens when regulations claims that about robberies then why drunk motorists who kill someone not billed with first degree murder too because they likewise have easily wiped out someone on the way of committing a criminal offence. That’s driving drunk.

The Florida lawmakers should show their people how their community will benefit from locking people up and tossing away the key factor approach.

Inside the situation of Jennifer Mee, she was billed of first degree murder and sentenced to existence without the potential for parole, just what hideous crime did she commit?

Did she murder someone in cold blood stream?

Well, right here are a handful of details after i understand those to be

Jennifer produce a date getting a young man via Facebook but she was lacking romance on her behalf account mind but rather robbery.

This program would have been to make use of the youthful man with the aid of her two male buddies, but through the mugging among Jennifer’s buddies shot the victim. I am unsure where Jennifer was if the all needed place.

It absolutely was never Jennifer’s intention for your victim to get shot (according to Jennifer) and he or she claims she didn’t know that particular of her buddies stood a gun on his presence.

I am unsure everything you consider Jennifer but anything, are you able to feel much the same way if she was your relatives?

My view is always that Florida has altered this really is in the word murder for reasons unknown. It’s my job to thought murder would be a deliberate act as well as the only intention Jennifer had would have been to make the most of her victim.

Murder wasn’t even discussed to date when i understand.

Another essential point is existence without parole sentences.

This is often the best choice for a lot of, while not many of them.

In Jennifer’s situation, her lawyer gave her a 3-5% chance of ever released, however cannot fathom out how he discovered that conclusion.

Due to there being a clemency option for Jennifer prone to certain criteria and one of these simple is always that no less than ten years from the sentence must have been offered. She has been inside since 19 which is 28 now so has almost no time to go to before she completes ten years.

I have written to several American politicians about all of this but not one of them have responded. GO FIGURE!

You will see Jennifer Mee online making your personal mind. There are many cruel comments printed, but people such as this have virtually no empathy as well as other people.

They get yourself a perverse sense of pleasure from making fun of other peoples mistakes.

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