First Aid for minor injuries


Injuries may occur at certain jobs dealing with dangerous objects or around the house when doing household chores. In both cases preventing the injuries and minimizing risks to hurt yourself are of high importance.

Injuries often happen after painful events including falls and working with sharp things. Getting injured results in cuts, bruises, sprains, gouges, and other kinds of wounds. Finding appropriate information on Erste Hilfe Kurs München provides taking basic first aid training to experience injuries effectively.

Treatment with following steps

To deal with pain in the proper way, you have to follow step-by-step instructions. Reducing dangerous influence and minimizing the risks of hurting yourself are the major options when maintaining the health care issue. 

  1. Look for some water to clean your hands and try to stop bleeding.
  2. Clean and disinfect the wound with water and antibiotics.
  3. Put a bandage over the injured area (replace it every day to avoid infecting).
  4. See a doctor to get further health care if the wound is seriously infected.

Managing a sprain

When you come to the point of treating a sprain, you should be available with R.I.C.E. abbreviation. It stands for the guidelines for managing a sprain and providing first aid options before erste hilfe lehrgang comes.

What is R.I.C.E.

R – rest (put a brace on your injury and minimize putting any weight on it)

I – ice (ice your sprain with ice packs from your first aid kit, try to replace them every one hour within a day)

C – compress (compressing your sprain with a bandage will be helpful)

E – elevate (elevate the sprained limb to avoid swelling)

Every minor injury can be easily treated in the injury center. It will be more difficult to provide proper health care in nature. Therefore, a well-equipped first aid kit would be rather helpful.

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