evepodcastsheaderimage4EvePodcasts.com – Your go to resource for all podcasts and parodies dedicated to Eve Online. RSS feeds as well as home links for all podcasts listed.



Eve Radio – Bringing music to the masses since 2003. 24/7 live music with live DJs, talk shows, and a jukebox.




CCP Games – Live streaming of the quarterly o7 Show and annual events such as the New Eden Open and Alliance Tournament.


CCP Games – Developer updates and highlights from CCP’s various channels like Eve Online, Dust514, and Valkyrie.

Eve Online – From the latest trailers, to the o7 show, you can find it all at the official Eve Online Youtube page!

DUST514 – CCP’s first person shooter experience for Playstation.

Eve: Valkyrie – CCP’s space combat fighting experience developed for the Occulus Rift.

Brave Dojo – Training ground for Brave Newbies

MagnasisEVE – Subscribe to Magnasis for great “How-To” guides on the various aspects of Eve Online.

Eve On Demand – Solo PvP videos.

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