Electronic Cigarette: Direct Or Indirect Inhalation?


Are you interested in the world of vaping and considering switching to electronic cigarettes to quit smoking? It is an excellent decision! To help you take the optimal step and choose the right vape material, Nirvana CBD explains the difference between direct inhalation (DL) and indirect inhalation (MTL).

Electronic Cigarette: Direct Or Indirect Inhalation?

Direct Inhalation (DL) And Indirect Inhalation (MTL): Definition

To begin with, what are direct inhalation (DL) and indirect inhalation (MTL)? You will find these terms on the sheets of e-cigs kits and clearomizers that correspond to two vaping ways with an electronic cigarette.

Direct inhalation (DL): also called Direct Lung. It is an inhalation method that passes the vapor directly to the lungs. Shisha and hookah smokers use this type of draft.

Indirect inhalation (MTL): also called Mouth To Lung. It is a two-step method of inhaling steam: first into the mouth, then into the lungs. Cigarette smokers inhale smoke in this way.

Which Inhalation Method For Which Type Of Vape?

If you want to quit smoking, you are used to indirect inhalation (MTL) with a tight draft. To keep the same feeling with an electronic cigarette as with a tobacco cigarette, you need to turn to an e-cig model designed for indirect inhalation.

If you are already a shisha vaper or smoker and want to turn to cloud chasing, that is, vapor production in a massive way, you can experiment with direct inhalation. This method of drawing makes it possible to obtain real waves of steam!

Direct Inhalation (DL) And Indirect Inhalation (MTL): Which Electronic Cigarette?

Direct Inhalation (DL): Choose a powerful electronic cigarette, sub-ohm resistors (less than 1 ohm), a clearomizer with an extensive airflow system, and a short and wide drip tip. Not to mention High VG or Full VG e-liquid! For the more seasoned, there are very powerful boxes designed for power vaping and reconstructable atomizers. 

This type of setup as explained by https://nirvanacbd.com/ must be handled with care and requires substantial knowledge to make adjustments. The vapor obtained is extremely abundant and hot!

Indirect Inhalation (MTL): Opt for a low power electronic cigarette (pod or box) and high-value resistors (more than 1 ohm). If it is equipped with airflow, the clearomizer of your e-cig will offer you the possibility of further restricting the draw or not. I prefer e-liquid rich in propylene glycol or balanced in PG/VG for the vape in indirect inhalation. The vapor will be less abundant, but the hit and the flavors will be even more present!

Note that there are also versatile electronic cigarette models intended for both MTL and DL vape!

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