The Battle of B-R5RB

Nick Fuzzeh’s original 16 hour stream of the battle

FOX NEWS: Unpaid bill costs gamers more than $300,000 in EVE Online

CBS NEWS: Forget to pay your virtual game bill? Could cost you $200,000


This is Eve – Released trailer during Eve Down Under 2014, this trailer used real player voices and reactions recorded during actual game play. Critically acclaimed, it has been touted as possibly the best Eve trailer of all time.

Eve Online: “I Was There” – This is a true player story from EVE Online, dramatized with a real person.


If you wish to try Eve Online, The Neocom is happy to provide an EXTENDED TRIAL for 21 days! Use the link above to start your free trial. If you continue your account, you just may be in for a nice surprise in your in-game wallet as an added bonus! So what are you waiting for? You’ve seen the trailers, read about it in the news, and are obviously curious to see if you can cut the mustard. Activate your free extended trial account today!


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