Classic Interior Design In A Modern HDB Apartment


Classics in art are eternal and not subject to fashion. We never tire of admiring the works of the greatest composers, paintings by famous artists and the interiors of palaces. 

Often, under the impression of reading historical novels and visiting museums, we choose a classic interior style for our small apartment. How do you want to live in a palace, even if it is a modest two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​60 sq. M of typical layout in a standard panel nine-story building. 

But is the classic style suitable for a modern apartment?

Do You Need An Interior Designer For The Apartment Repair

Many of those who have purchased new housing are thinking about the question of whether a designer is needed to renovate an apartment or whether it is possible to independently cope with the task of modernly and stylishly decorating the interior of their premises. 

Of course, you can learn in this and try to do everything yourself. But when you need a good business suit, you don’t sew it yourself, but go to an experienced tailor. And if you need a beautiful and comfortable home, wouldn’t it be better to trust a specialist as well? 

If you are looking for more HDB interior design ideas, you can visit determine if there is a need for the services of an interior designer to renovate your  apartment or house, and if there is, then for the solution of which  tasks you need to involve a designer, answer a  few questions:

How To Create An Interior In The Style Of Minimalism

The key reference point when creating a modern interior in the style of minimalism is the concept of “minimum”, and this applies to everything: furniture, decorative elements, shapes, colors and their shades. At the same time, little does not mean cheap and cheerful; with the right approach and good taste, a minimalist interior will be luxurious and expensive.

How To Choose An Interior Style For An HDB Apartment

One of the first questions that arise when we think about decoration or renovation is what interior style to choose for our apartment or private house. This question entails many others: what style of interior is the most comfortable; what is in vogue today and what is outdated; what is more expensive and what is more budgetary; what suits young people and what suits middle-aged people, etc. 

How to choose an interior style?

If you are an innovator and strive to keep up with the times, start by exploring the cutting edge trends  in interior design. For example, the trends of today are organic, environmental friendliness along with the use of high technologies. Glass, concrete, multi-level lighting, 3D effects are the main elements of a modern interior. The conservatives’ choice is classic, traditional styles that never go out of style. You can recreate the interior of a certain era, if you love history and appreciate the past, or create a mix of styles to give the image of the room individuality and originality.


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