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Community Spotlight: The Empyrean Chronicles: Volume 1

On June 10th, the incomparable Rixx Javix released the first volume of a hopeful series of e-books called The Empyrean Chronicles – a collection of short stories from various authors […]

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Community Spotlight: Neville Smit and the Morning Maniac Grant Program

There are many ways that players contribute to the community. Of the stacks upon stacks of both in-game and real life charities that are driven by EVE players, it’s very […]

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Community Spotlight: Luobote Kong

EVE Online has many talented artists in the media. When I started making it a priority to dig in and find as many of these gems as I could, one […]

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Community Spotlight: Project EVE Audio

The world of EVE media continues to expand. Oftentimes, some of these new projects fly under my radar. Recently, our team at The Neocom teamed up with Zendane from the […]


Community Spotlight: Eyes Like Chrome

In just a few weeks of streaming her work on EVE character art commissions, Eyes Like Chrome has already made a name for herself in the community, most famously with […]

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Community Spotlight: The Cap Stable Podcast CSM Interviews

Herculean. Nothing else can be said about the undertaking that the crew of the Cap Stable Podcast has been tackling this election season of the Council of Stellar Management. After […]

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Community Spotlight: Content for the Community – NPSI

Not Purple Shoot It – The doctrine of forming a fleet for the sole purpose of shooting anyone who isn’t a part of it. A truly unique part of what […]

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Eve Community Spotlight: Eve Meet!

As revealed on the o7 show, a partnership between Bam Stroker and Ariel Rin has resulted in an out-of-game tool that has been in the works for about an year […]