Best Movie and TV Streaming Services For Us Consumers In 2020


During 2020 , the globe has been affected by the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and has therefore ensured that many of us and been put into lockdown with limited ways of entertaining ourselves which has created a trend of many more of us signing up to online movie and tv streaming services which now-a-days is a flooded market; due to this, we compiled a list of what we think are the best streaming services for your needs.

Of course, Netflix has been the catalyst in the industry and has always been the front-runner when it comes to streaming services. Netflix has one of the largest collections of TV shows and movies on this list, many of which are critically acclaimed and award-winning films, making it the standout streaming service even if it is the most expensive on the market. Another benefit of Netflix is that is has multiple different options in terms of quality feedback is also guarantees ad-free streaming which is a big plus.

Next up on the list is Disney+ which is actually a new streaming service to the market which has only just launch this year but has already proved to be one of the most successful on the market due to the sheer amount of quality shows it has on offer. Although the range isn’t as vast as Netflix, it still has an impressive library and something certainly worth checking out. Targeting directly Disney fans, Disney+ quite easily has the best Disney content out there, however it is lacking that star-quality in teams of movie and tv selection to make it a household name.

Movie and TV streaming services haven’t been the only beneficiary of the lockdown, infact other online services have seen a rise in numbers such as top credit card casinos. These platforms are gaining popularity, as offer a platform for uk players on us casinos. The popularity is mainly down to similar reasons that streaming services have benefitted from that consumers have struggled for forms of entertainment and therefore have been using online alternative. These particular casinos have ridden the wave of the lockdown by spotting the trend and offering unbeaten promotional bonuses to all new customers signing up during lockdown.

The final streaming service that we will look at today would be that of Amazon Prime Video which like the other two above, hosted hundreds of quality content and the ability to stream in 4K is another benefit that Prime has. One of our favourite features of Prime video is that you are able to download some features to watch offline if you were ever without internet, and not to forget you get the benefits of Free Next Day Delivery from Amazon if signed up too – it’s worth it just for that!

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