An Ultimate Guide to Aviator Sunglasses


As soon as you enter a particular optics store or check out for online shades, you will notice aviators first. They are highly recognizable due to their large tear-drop lenses, metal frames, and double-bridge that make them unique and appealing. You can find a wide array of frames and options from brands like Cutler And Gross Glasses, which is an essential aspect to understand.

They are iconic, which means that they will make anyone look like a motorcycle cop, movie star, or pilot. Apart from being a fashion and glamour statement, they are particular options that can help you protect your eyes against harsh sun rays.

We will present you with a quick guide to help you find the best aviator shades for your particular requirements.

Things to Consider When Choosing Aviators

You should know that Ray-Ban’s company and brand created the first aviators available on the market. Of course, afterward, numerous designers tried to create a distinct style of this particular frame.

You can find a wide array of price points, depending on your preferences and needs. Therefore, we will present you with characteristics you should remember when choosing the best aviators for your situation.

  • Face Shape – When it comes to face shape, they feature tear-drop lenses that are highly distinctive and unique. Therefore, you can pair them easily with oval, heart, and square face shapes. Remember that you can contrast the frames by using natural face angles, which is an essential consideration. Of course, people with round faces can also use them, but keep in mind that aviators will accentuate curved appearance, which may not be beautiful and exciting.
  • Frame Materials and Colour – The original options came with hard and thick metal frames. However, you can also find more affordable plastic alternatives, but you won’t get the same level of durability. At the same time, gold is the most popular option, but you can find frames in different colors. It would be best to match your wardrobe and hairstyle while choosing the best choice for your appearance.
  • Reflectivity and Tint – You can choose the options that come either mirror or tinted lenses depending on your preferences. Reflective and dark lenses will affect the way you see things around you. In contrast, mirror options are top-rated among law enforcement and pilots.
  • Lens Enhancement – You can find different lens technology compared with the first options in the ’30s. Therefore, you will be able to choose polarized, blue light, anti-reflective, and photochromic lenses, among others. The main goal is to ensure that you find the ones that will block 100% UV rays to get optimal protection apart from style.

Final Word

It would be best to remember that aviator sunglasses should provide you with a relaxed and calm image, which you can pull of by finding the ones that will fit your head and face.

The lenses should be significant to cover your eyebrows but not as large to make you funny and silly. Check out this site: to learn more about aviators.

You should know that most of them feature convex lenses, which means that they should not touch your eyelashes, among other things. Besides, they come in unisex options, which means you can find them for both women and men.

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