Advantages Of Video Surveillance Systems


Security systems are present in all public spaces, infrastructures, and buildings where people’s flow requires efficient control. A CCTV video surveillance system can be used for much more than just surveillance. It is also commonly used for recognition and identification purposes, both of people and any element. In this way, they provide greater security, both in homes and offices and even on public roads.

The current economic situation has led to an increase in burglaries in residential areas and companies. The methods used by thieves are increasingly professional and rely on the technology itself. This requires a high degree of innovation in technological development.

There is a wide range of security solutions on the market: security cameras, intelligent alarms, presence detectors. These solutions rely on current communications networks such as the Internet to support video surveillance and real-time alerts.

Electronic security systems protect your home or business and allow you to rest easy in absences such as vacations or weekends. But they also have other equally important functions and advantages.

It reduces potential risks.

It is well known that security cameras are a preventive and dissuasive element when committing crimes. For this reason, it is convenient that the cameras are placed in prominent places.

It facilitates the investigation of crimes.

The recordings are a handy resource for the security forces when a robbery or investigation occurs.

They simplify real-time monitoring.

This gives them an advantageous position concerning the criminals.

They reduce security costs.

Large organizations such as shopping and leisure centers, production areas, or sports centers opt for a more efficient security system with centralized monitoring such as video surveillance.

They make insurance policies cheaper.

Insurance companies apply discounts if companies have a helpful security system such as video surveillance as it considerably reduces potential risks.

More peace of mind

People who have a CCTV system feel more secure, and, therefore, the feeling of peace of mind is more significant.

More control

Another benefit of this system is that it allows more excellent supervision of what is happening, whether in a home or in a company when no one is present. It is now possible to monitor remotely through any computer or mobile device to know what is happening at any time of the day.

A wide range of cameras is available. Cameras with separate parts or elements are often suggested instead of compact cameras (integrating electronics, optics, and support in a single piece). Due to the more excellent durability of the elements, their high deterrent power, and the economy of maintenance, failures in independent parts can be replaced without changing the entire camera.

Keep in mind that to detect someone on a screen, it should constitute at least 10% of the image height. To identify them with maximum accuracy, it should include 30% or more of the image. For this reason, it is essential to check the capabilities of the selected cameras and view the resulting images on the screen before recording live.

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