I am excited to announce my bid to become a member of CSM XII. You have seen me develop over the last few months as a trader, fund manager, and writing contributor. All of my knowledge, experience, and deep insight of the game will be focused in strengthening my ability to become a viable candidate. I will be working diligently throughout the candidacy period to earn your trust and show that I have what it takes to be a successful CSM if elected.

Who Am I?

  1. Wrecking Machine. Alliance line member – assisted the alliance in the destruction of several dozen citadels in empire. Uniquely aware of the challenges and shortcomings of the war declaration system from an organizational standpoint.
  2. Wormhole Resident – Have lived in and day tripped C1 – C5 wormholes since the Apocrypha expansion. Currently living in a dual static C2 with citadels.
  3. Trusted Trader – An active participant in the SCC Lounge Discord Channel that houses notable market players in the game. A competitive station trader that has earned the trust of investors to support their respective community driven projects such as Mike Azariah for the Magic School Bus and J Mcclain for Eve Best Of Us.
  4. The Neocom Writer – Creator of the “Trade Recap” weekly market articles since April 2016. Provided historical personal trading news and updates to investors regarding trading operations.
  5. Faction Warfare – Since 2010 have consistently participated in FW game play for all militias at one point or another. Currently serving in the Caldari Militia. Active and genuine solo pvper in the warzone.

What Is The Role Of The CSM? How Do I Promote That?

The CSM is an active and dependable communication instrument between CCP and the player base. I will promote this function by focusing my creative energy to write about the CSM, CCP driven projects, and solicited player commentary relevant to the process. I will use the platform that I have already established through my written work to publish these pieces.

What is my platform?

I will bring value to the CSM as a communicator. I will not be a candidate bound by the type of space I play in. It would be false advertising to describe myself solely as a high sec, market, or faction warfare candidate.

I am a candidate suitable to interact with CCP based on my well rounded experience. If you’re looking for a candidate that will be biased towards one area of space over another, I may not be an attractive choice for you. However, I can offer the following.

When solicited for suggestions by CCP, I will follow these principles.

  1. Concerning mechanics or ship balancing, is it objectively balanced between attacker / defender or whatever paradigm is appropriate? We must be aware of how these abilities scale from solo to large fleet work.
  2. We must address motivation. We need to be able to articulate the value in an activity or reaction to that activity.
  3. We must consider peripheral mechanics that may interact with proposed changes. This must be addressed through comprehensive testing, soliciting feedback, and quality assurance.
  4. What’s In It For Me? There must be a measurable improvement to the experience of the individual player. Players may feel that they lose their individuality as a cog in the war machine. We need to be able to articulate the positive and negative effects to the individual player’s overall game experience.

Communicator – As a writing contributor for The Neocom, I have the discipline and drive to produce content on subject matter that I find interesting. I intend to use the platforms available to me to provide reasonably timed updates concerning the CSM, CCP driven projects, and general information to the player base. Of course, these items must fall within the NDA and must be approved by CCP in order to avoid any conflict. I want to offer a view of the CSM process that shows humanity, problem solving, and cooperation.

Organizer – I will not shy away from taking the lead on projects. I will use my real life experience in supervisory roles in my career to assist in the planning, communication, execution, and tracking of progress.

Objectivity – I will offer experience based and data driven recommendations even if it is to the detriment of my own personal game play style. I must be honest with myself; would I rather “keep winning” in a stale game state or offer challenges and options to both attacker and defender?

As an experienced gamer, I will not shy away from offering suggestions based on other games or genres. Solutions don’t always need to be invented within Eve. It is more appropriate to adopt mechanics that have been proven to work as long as it can be clearly translated in terms of Eve’s nuance.

CCP / CSM Relationship – I am aware and must respect this arrangement. CSM are not junior developers. CCP takes the lead and seeks input from the CSM. I will not be going into this process with an agenda to balance a ship, increase ISK per hour, or make alpha clones viable for other activities. Having a superficial agenda can promote bias, which can deter progress when seeking to find the best solution to a problem. I must respect CCP’s vision for the game and offer intelligent suggestions to reach that goal.

I must be aware of the limits of my knowledge of the game. When appropriate, I will concede the fact that I may simply not know enough of a subject to offer an informed opinion. If I find myself in this position, I must seek out the advice of subject matter experts within the CSM and greater community by way of dedicated subject round tables.

CCP Must Own This – We must continue to support and challenge CCP to fix and develop their game. It is not appropriate to leave mechanics and ship balancing issues without timely periodic iterations. It is only fair to address the inability to maintain the state of the game.

How Have I Worked Towards My Platform?

I actively engaged the following groups to solicit recommendations and concerns regarding their respective space and game play style. I will not hesitate to directly communicate with anyone or any group regarding feedback they may have about the CSM process or CCP in general.

Wrecking Machine. Alliance

  • More diplomatic options to resolve war decs
  • Balance cost of war to refer to aggressor’s size
  • Add deterioration mechanic to idle citadels

Market Community As Represented In The SCC Lounge

  • API parity with XML and API endpoint for citadel range orders
  • Remote stacking of inventory items
  • Make BPCs stackable to make item limit in hangars less cumbersome to manage
  • Make PI interface similar to Industry Window Interface so you are able to see active PI setups, sort by yield, and connected / unconnected status
  • Market citadel SOV tax to encourage and better manage the occupation of SOV null

NETC Group

  • Adjust timers for citadels to reference its size. Astrahus should not be able to enjoy the same timer defensibility of its larger variants once shields are down.
  • Reduce tether range or disallow safe log immediately after jumping to a cyno when in tether range
  • Adjust citadel roles to be task specific. Currently, the ability to fuel and man the weaponry is bound to the same role.

Null (Providence Residents)

  • Tether jam or some other mechanic that will disrupt your tethered status
  • Remove jump fatigue from BLOPS but retain jump reactivation timer
  • Consider that Engineering Complexes do not offer the same ME bonus as upgraded Amarr Outposts
  • Rorquals disincentivized exhumer mining. Either give big boosts or mining ability, not both.

Faction Warfare as represented by the Corp / Alliance heads that I contacted via eve mail. I focused on known groups to me and zkillboard leaders in their respective militias.

  • Address undock delay from citadels
  • Citadels make geography irrelevant in the warzone. Address the relationship between the warzone, NPC stations, the station bonuses derived from FW, and citadels.
  • Deliver more engaging FW missions and balance the ones that are currently available, especially the racial EWAR applied

New Player Experience Round Table led by Jin’taan

  • Poorly explains ship fitting concepts
  • Poorly explains probe scanning and relic / data site mini game
  • No mention of player corporations or how to find them
  • Need to explain basic characteristics of weapon systems

With this declaration, I will push forward with media rounds to make my presence known. I will produce content that will comment on my view of the game and highlight concerns of the various pockets of the player base. Most importantly, I will actively engage anyone who will be willing to have a constructive and meaningful conversation about the game, the CSM process, and my motivations.

If you find value in this type of work and are excited to continue with active and productive communication between CCP and the player base, then I am the candidate for you.


    • Thank you. Yes I do not have the ability to properly represent PVE as that is not an activity I do often in game. But hopefully I can still put forward recommendations from subject matter experts and concerned players in general.


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