The new expansion opened the flood gates and introduced a new face of Eve to the waiting public. It felt strange to see previously barren systems filled with bodies and chatter in local. Old friends were welcomed back, along with long lost enemies. It was a delight to see Rancer camped. The added player activity was not just evident in space, it was more profoundly felt in the markets.

Engineering Complexes – They’re finally here. And here they start to die.


We are less than one week from the beginning of the expansion and we already see the deaths of these new types of citadels. My alliance, Wrecking Machine., was a mere 17 minutes away from claiming the first Raitaru kill in low sec, but Snuffed Out beat us to the punch. Congratulations.

These production structures, in their current iteration, are much less defensible. The paradigm has effectively reversed from the ultra efficient solo producer to the publicly operated engineering complexes owned by powers that can afford to defend them. I’m certain this will push some true solo producers out of this game play style altogether. The decrease in competition will have to play itself out in the long term, but in the end this is a good design choice. If you want to build effectively, then there must be risk.

PLEX – This week’s Eve Prosper Show did an excellent job in explaining PLEX, its general behavior, and how this expansion could direct the price trends. Lockefoxe described how PLEX acts as a sponge that can absorb ISK and release it to the market based on the cash supply. If players begin to switch their farming efforts from NPC killing, which introduces ISK into the system via bounties, to mining, which does not do this, then there effectively will be a cash shortage. This shortage will suppress the demand, causing a decrease in short term value.


As you can see, there has been a sharp decline in value as the capital industrial ships and mining drones have been introduced. The increase in mining yield could further exacerbate this shortage as there is the delay of acquiring the ores and ultimately selling them in the market.

Skill injectors also followed suit of this trend. The re-activation of old accounts for the purpose of extracting skill points fueled the increase in supply. Fortunately, it appears that the floor has been found and it is already starting to bounce back.


I imagine a good portion of these newly skill extracted toons will be relegated to alpha accounts. It will be curious to see how the dynamic of alphas, omegas, and skill point farms develop in the future. Once things settle down a bit and we push through this hyperbolic market, there should be a surge of skill injector demand as some alphas transition to omega accounts and the desire for progression begins to take hold.

New Players – The growth of the player base signaled the success of this expansion. There has been a drive to recruit, train, and show the unique features of the game to a new wide-eyed audience. I expect increased participation in null sec, faction warfare, and general hi sec activities. Worm holes may be a bit too ambitious for most alphas beyond farming a C1 or C2.

But what about market players? That is the most unique aspect of the game as far as I’m concerned. That’s my sandbox. In order to support this, I plan to start an alpha trading corp for the purpose of teaching the intricacies of the market and show that alphas are viable market players as long as you are aware of the limits. If we can demonstrate this, then the alpha state would have covered the majority of the available game play styles. It will show that alphas do have a place in this cold and cruel game space.

If anyone is interested in helping with this project, please don’t hesitate to contact me in game on Roedyn. I would love to work with other players that would be willing to devote some of their time, expertise, and energy into showing what market play is all about.


Investment Group Update


Expanding our operations into selling RMT items in the market fortizars themselves created an accountability problem. At this time, our profit tracking tool cannot differentiate between various points of sales if they are referencing different broker fees. This causes inaccurate tracking. Until a solution can be found, I will have to manually calculate profits.

This week we did slightly better with a pay out of 1.5%. We were unfortunately caught flat footed with the reversal in the PLEX and skill injector price trends. We may have to wait several weeks to redeem a fair amount of our funds that are locked into those items.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.



We started dabbling into PI with moderate success. I will continue to explore other commodities to see if there is enough margin to make a play on them.

Due to the volatile market, we were forced to export more items than we normally do. Currently, 1/4 of our total sell orders are in secondary hubs. This will cause a delay in completed orders but it was necessary to maintain profit. Even during war, we were able to move a large amount of ISK through space now that we have relegated one of our trading toons back to NPC corp.

We have increased our RMT item trading frequency to that of day traders. Fortunately this has yielded positive results. I will have to see how long I can sustain such an active play style for an otherwise passive activity.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.

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