The NETC Trade Tool has been added to the Eve Mogul web site along with its already comprehensive list of tools to assist market players of all types. We will walk through the use of this tool and discuss the information that this gives to the players.

The trade tool is available to all premium Eve Mogul users from Trader to Tycoon. You can access it from this drop-down menu.


From here, you will be directed to the NETC  page. For the purpose of this guide, we will only be reviewing the Region Analysis Tool.


A new webpage will appear.


Click on the Load Saved Dashboard icon. A dashboard is regional information from which to draw market data.


All regions have its own dedicated dashboard, including null sec. You can either type the region name or select it from the list of region names that can be cycled through using the links in the bottom of this section of the page.


Along with regional information, you can also select the time frame. By default, this will be set to 7 days. This guide will present information using this default setting.


Once you have selected a dashboard, all market items will be listed in alphabetical order. You can also type an item in the search box next to the dashboard name in order to review a single item. The result will be displayed in the resulting sections. If your search yields multiple results, click on the item name and that will reset the following sections to display just that item.

The picture above shows regional averages for PLEX. Be aware that these sections take into account all completed transactions. Vast outliers may skew these averages.


Regardless of which dashboard you select, there will be this section that displays market averages just for Jita.


This section displays regional volume information. Hovering over the elements of the graph will show values for that specific time. The chart on the left that reads “Volume Purchased From Market Over Time” depicts completed sell orders. The chart on the right that reads “Volume Released To Market Over Time” depicts how many of this item was listed as a sell order.

With the exception of the activity spike on the graph on the left, it appears that that the sell orders are being matched just about as quickly as they are listed. This supports PLEX’s historically slow moving price trends. Once its headed in a particular direction, it tends to just keep going. Of course, price swings do happen, but that tends to be fundamental in nature. Any manipulation beyond its natural state requires a great deal of effort and resources. This makes PLEX a reasonably secure wealth storage and liquidity vehicle.


The picture above shows the current state of the buy and sell orders for this item and is separated by the prominent inter-regional market stations. The display on the left titled “Currently Demanded Volume Of Item By Station” shows listed buy orders for those stations. The display on the right titled “Currently Available Volume Of Item By Station” shows listed sell orders for those stations.

Hovering over the elements of the display will tell you that there are about five times more buy orders than there are sell orders.

This tool is an excellent complement to the Prosper Charts that are also available in the Eve Mogul website. It provides fundamental analysis that can help traders and investors plan their commitments. The way it breaks down volume, buy, and sell order information provides a more complete picture than the in-game market browser.

The feature is a great addition to any trader’s tool set, and the developer is actively updating and adding functionality to the tool.


Investment Group Update


In terms of value, most of the items we have listed to sell have reached the point of being unprofitable. When this happens, we would routinely send these items to smaller market hubs where prices may not yet have collapsed. Unfortunately, the corporation was hit with three consecutive wardecs this week. Market orders from one of my trading toons had to be cancelled and relisted under another toon, to free up the same toon as an NPC Corp hauler.

Due to the loss in time, I will more than likely keep one toon in this state, to better respond to wardecs in the future.

Our trading partner did much better than we did this week. His earnings will be added to the payout total as discussed. This arrangement has been a very positive addition to our operational scope. I would love to have several more partners to help manage our funds.

During our many conversations throughout the week, he made a very perceptive comment. In effect, he said that he may be managing funds for the investors but in our relationship, it is reversed. I am the investor and he is the trader. Perhaps this is something that I need to shift my attention to. I may need to pursue a more leadership oriented role for the group. In order to continue providing value, I must recruit more talent. In effect, I must take on the role of a proper CEO; maybe not in an in-game organizational sense, but in action and vision. If anyone is interested in joining us, please feel free to contact me in-game on Roedyn.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.




Our top ten list is starting to look more like our historical trades. The efforts we put forward to attacking T2 modules ended up being futile. After the short term price collapses of the week, the net result was having to abandon buy orders. In response, we pivoted to meta modules, but the market cap was a bit too small for what we were willing to commit for the week.

During the last few weeks of not having the same level of exposure to PLEX and skill injectors, we started investigating commodities baskets. The ones that are most interesting to me are low-tier PI materials and wormhole salvage. I’m reasonably competent in the dynamics of these items, so it’s worthwhile to submit test buy orders.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.

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