1. Proto, pls. RMT bans and the forbidding of casinos have nothing to do with each other, they just happened to happen at the same time and some of the people banned for RMT _had_ a casino. I don’t appreciate you making it sound like I lost my shit because of the RMT bans. What I reacted to was the end of Eve Bet. Other than that, good show.


    • I never said they were synonymous, TMC did. I never said you lost your shit. You neglected to listen to the second part of that statement where I addressed the growing concern of internet gambling as a whole.

      Also, I do not believe in coincidences.


  2. PS: The reason Ash made the public statement is because Mittani and DBRB called CZ criminals and liars in their blanket statements on the Meta Show and he wanted to statute an example that this shit is not ok. I was there when Matt suggested Ash make a public statement and it wasn’t so that Matt somehow manipulated him into it. Have a little respect for Ash.


    • I am fully aware of why Ash left. I addressed that (or, again, you’re selectively hearing). I looked for the clip of those statements by DBRB and Mittens but ran out of time before release. I DID, however, find the one where your environment was described as horrible and terrible. If that’s not good enough for you, then you’re free to do your own commentary.

      As for respect for Ash, I suggest you talk to him about it. Him and I have already spoken.


    • Also. I tried to defend CZ as a whole, but your public reaction was perfectly legitimate to disagree with as was on par with statements coming from Bobmon and Grath, IMO. I’ve always stood by you guys over there, but I’m sorry…in a way, you did “lose your shit”


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