This was a big news week. It was announced that CCP will be banning casinos from transferring in-game assets as prizes in games of chance. Bans were also handed out to players linked to illicit RMT activities, and a number of wallets were drained. My immediate response was positive. Regardless of the true intent, I thought it was unfair for previous war funding to be derived from functions that were outside the game. Such methods could not be effectively countered within the game, since their functions did not exist there in the first place. Then, prominent figures of the community began to speak up.


Popular community projects, fan sites, and streamers lucky enough to be linked with casinos received funding in order to maintain their operations. The closure of casinos effectively cut off significant financial support to continue with their work in the community. My immediate thought on this was quite abrasive: just play the game, earn ISK like the rest of us, and carry on. Surely, the answer was that simple. Well, not really.

Some of these media providers do excellent work in promoting the game, educating new players, and keeping the player base informed of important events and updates. I’ve been writing the Trade Recap column every week since April; I know the effort and motivation needed to continue with this type of work. I appreciate those who do the same. With that, I would hate to see some content providers have less time to do what they want to do for the community due to a lack of funding.


Now let’s be clear, when I say funding I mean ISK in order to do activities in-game, or do give-aways on stream. I will refrain from delving into matters of real money needed to run websites, services, etc. – that is simply beyond the scope of this article. If players face the very real choice between continuing their work with the community or stopping it altogether due to lack of time, then this is where we step in, and offer a solution.

Gone...oh, wait...
Gone…oh, wait…

Effective immediately, the investment group will be setting aside money every week to a dedicated corporate wallet in order to offer financial support to community-minded entities in the game. I will not mention a specific amount since we will have to allocate the funds depending on profit levels for any given time period. Thank you very much to our investors who agreed to this change in operations.

Why should an investment group bother with such things?

Because we are in a unique position to achieve our financial goals and help the community at the same time. We are not bound in a single corporation, alliance, faction, or coalition. Our investors come from all walks of life in the game – from absolute strangers, long time friends, alliance mates, Eve media personalities, and nullsec leadership. Our neutral status will hopefully allow us to contribute with little resistance relating to in-game politics.

Realistically, we will not be able to match the level of ISK support offered by the casinos, nor will we be able to support multiple entities simultaneously. But that’s alright, because we have to start somewhere; to anyone else out there with the resources, please do what you can to help. These community groups may have lost the funding from out-of-game sources, but it’s easy enough to get that support in-game. Eve players are smart, creative, outside-the-box thinkers. This is well within our reach.


Investment Group Update


We maintained our standings in the Eve Mogul Leader Board, but the profit levels across the user base were down throughout the week. Fortunately, we managed to earn the 5% pay out. Due to a busy work week, I was not able to move sell orders from Jita to secondary market hubs in a timely manner. We saw many of our usual trade items fluctuate in price, but they did not bounce back to profitable levels.

As a process change, we will be focusing on identifying items for export first, before reselling in Jita. This will offer an opportunity to earn slightly more profit per unit. However, the turn-around time will greatly be affected due to the lower volumes of trade in the secondary hubs. We will proceed in a conservative manner and note the speed at which the trades are completed.

The total funds we use to trade have grown to a point where it’s becoming almost clumsy to trade our usual items. The problem is not so much the profit margins, but the speed at which the trades are finalized. There are simply not enough quality trades out there that would be in line with the funds we have in play. We need to be prepared to discuss adjustments to our pay-out structure in light of these developments. At the very least, we will simply continue to do pay outs every week and return the profits back to you, for the purpose of wallet management.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.




News of the casino closures and player bans had an immediate effect on the market. Whether due to actual money supply or player sentiment, it was simply difficult to get anything sold in volume. PLEX was simply too tight a play, even from market Fortizars, which only presented profit margins in fractions of a percent most days.

Isn't she beautiful?
Isn’t she beautiful?

Changes to the Orca caused incredible volatility. Earlier in the week, sell orders in Jita could be seen at slightly over 1 billion ISK. It has now since settled to around 970 million ISK.

In order to accommodate easier exporting, we have switched our focus to T2 modules. Although not as immediately impactful as faction ships or modules, they offer consistent sales throughout the day that need little babysitting.  The volume in which we attack these modules is in the neighborhood of 1000 units per item. Surprisingly, the entire stock gets turned over within the week in most cases. However, we will see how that speed compares to when we start exporting them instead.

Thank you very much for reading. Good luck, and happy trading.

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