A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak with Lenny Kravitz2 about some plans he had regarding the markets. I was brought into voice comms with Lenny and his friend, Jimmy Roth. They spoke of a plan to install a chain of Citadels throughout lowsec, that would act as a centralized market hub in support of the local area and connecting null regions.

I will be breaking down key parts of that and follow-up conversations. I was given permission by Lenny Kravitz2 and Jimmy Roth to write about these topics.

When I first heard of this plan, I was honestly skeptical. As far as markets go, lowsec had enough stations to serve that purpose. Why bother with the extra work? You see, the structures themselves are not the entire trade network. They are merely a part of a greater system. These market citadels will offer a designated venue from which trade can occur.

If you didn’t know that Jita was the biggest market place in the game, would you ever bother to go there? Without that knowledge, you would simply use your regional market hub since that is far as the game can tell you where goods are bought and sold. The chain of Fortizars informs us where to start looking for market goods.

Now that we know where to go, does that automatically make it a market hub? Of course not. As a trader, the easiest way to determine regional demand is by looking at the historical transactions for that region. In the case of the trade network structures, that will not be possible. They simply have not existed long enough to produce such history. But what if instead of reviewing history, the locals can communicate their market needs directly to those that can supply it? This is where Jimmy Roth offered his expertise.

Jimmy revealed to me a website he was working on. At the time, he had been working on it for about 5 days. In those short days, he was able to produce a way to visually represent supply and demand for an entire region. Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that this information can be further limited to identify key market statistics of a specific item in a specific station.





As you can see, these are literal pictures of supply and demand. Needless to say, I immediately felt overwhelmed by the data. Lenny reassured me that his plan was to make this information available to the public. Along with these big picture views of the market, there will also be a “shopping list” function where locals can post orders for ships, modules, etc.

I asked, “What else can this tool tell you?”

Jimmy responded, “variables include, but are not limited to: price, region, duration, issued date, active as of 5 minutes ago, expiration date, station name, item type, Eve Market group keywords (i.e. Minerals, Ships, Blueprints, Missile_Launchers etc..), range, order type [Buy,Sell], aprx: Order Volume Start (within 5 minutes of order release), volume Remaining (as of 5 minutes or less ago).”

He continued with, “This tool is only part of the long term goal of improving Eve trading. The “shopping list” will be hosted next to this one. As far as the “main functionality”, the view you are currently seeing is only 1 view. Additional views (that are not currently available to be seen, but will be soon) are things like average price graphs, Supply and Demand Charts, Fast moving (quickly traded) item tracking.”

A network of lowsec Citadels will work in conjunction with existing stations

I was informed that these tools will be integrated with those currently existing in the Eve Mogul suite. I asked, “When it comes to Eve Mogul integration, does that mean the functions you created will be available to the users of the Eve Mogul suite?”

Jimmy verified this by saying, “Yes. And the tiers of Mogul Subscription will be factored into the amount of data viewable.”

Now the vision is starting to become more clear. This isn’t just a market seeding operation. Lenny intends to alter the terrain of the market place. In support of that, a plan to offer transport services is also underway. He plans to stage titans at key junctions in the trade network to bridge paying travelers. Imagine a freighter moving around this network of Citadels, dropping off goods to sell, picking up matched mineral buy orders, and staging war materials. This is a space highway.

Note that I did not inquire of the geopolitical aspects of this trade network. Obviously, a project of this magnitude will not be immune to those types of considerations. I simply was not knowledgeable enough to engage in such nuanced topics.

I hope I was able to shed more light on the project, its scope, and the intentions of its key players. Personally, I hope the trade network becomes successful. This is a huge undertaking and content could very well develop in and around the network. That content will not just be in the form of combat, but also intelligent market opportunities.

Investor Group Update


The markets were quite slow in the beginning of the week but we managed to reach our 5% pay out goal on time. We will have to discuss the viability of expanding our trading operations into the trade network. Although this is a tremendous opportunity, we must tread lightly and be mindful of the operational costs.

If we are to properly utilize the trade network, then we have to be aware of the logistical cost. In order to save time, we will have to use hauler services when it comes to seeding trade network Fortizars. It may be a safe play to take a back seat for now, and act once we see more demand for specific goods.

This may be a good avenue for us to direct manufacturing efforts including Capital ship production. I know we have some capital builders in the group. I will provide information as they become available for distribution.

Now let’s see how we did this trade week.




We were not able to sell as many skill injectors as we normally do. In order to compensate, we started to more aggressively attack the module market. The bulk of the profit for the week actually came from those items. We literally sold over 10,000 units of individual T2 and meta modules this week. It was more work, but it was a necessary move due to the lessened activity of the skill injector market.

Now that we know that we can at least capture a large volume of the module market, we may be able to leverage that in the trade network if the demand is there. Mind you, the trade network will be made up of several Fortizars throughout low sec. With that kind of volume, we should be able to spread out sales to several of them.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.

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