(Author’s Note: The following is a non-game related human interest story that pertains to the volunteer organization Broadcast for Reps / Spam for Heals, or B4R as it will be referred to frequently in this column. Real names besides the reported victim have been redacted in this particular piece, even though Facebook public groups are available to view by anyone. Troll posting in the comments section of TheNeocom will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in banhammers being swung judiciously.)

On the morning of October 4th, 2016, a post was made in the EVE Online Public Group on Facebook that drew quite a bit of attention. A member of the public group posted that while in a B4R environment, a fellow EVE player and friend of the original poster had been harassed on her posts in-game for a period of hours while reaching out to the B4R community and had subsequently attempted suicide:


With the permission of the older sister, the OP released the victim’s Facebook page for messages of support which you can find here.

The Neocom’s Manic Velocity reached out to Coffee Rocks of B4R when the news of this incident dropped:

coffee“I know nothing about it, but I’m going to pass it along to my folks do they can blow up that girl’s page with words of support. There are a few really off-their-knocker trolls that purposefully troll B4R posts cause they get sick enjoyment out of it...”

News of this quickly spread within the group over a period of a couple hours as the members tried to make sense of whether the story and source were credible. Before Olivia eventually lost consciousness, some details of the responsible parties were described as belonging to a corporation in Manifesto Alliance. Further details are not known at this time and are probably going to be dealt with internally between the involved parties and CCP. Our understanding is that CCP has been notified, but we have not sought comment for obvious reasons. The Neocom did however invite the statement of a representative of Manifesto regarding the report and who had (under his real name which will again be redacted) voiced his sympathy and support for Olivia:

“Manifesto Alliance here. We do not approve or condone this sort of behavior, leadership was unaware of the incident, and we will not stand idly by. Once we can get a confirmation on the identity of those involved, and a verification of what happened, we will deal with the offenders; with the full extent of punishments we can as a player group within the game. Included with reprimands, the offenders will be removed from the alliance; pending identification and verification of the incident and those involved. I am very sorry that this happened.”

At this time, we know that Olivia is in stable condition, but unconscious. For further information, we invite you to follow the thread in the EVE Online Facebook Group and please consider lending your support to Olivia, her friends, and the rest of the supporting community. If we get further details about this incident via logs or receive further word on Olivia’s condition, we will update this article and share the news via social media. We also ask that if you witness in-game harassment of a person at risk of suicide, that you notify CCP Guard or CCP Mimic immediately, and alert Broadcast for Reps / Spam for Heals via their public discord.

(Via the Broadcast for Reps Eve Forums post, If you receive threats of suicide in-game, the following is the list of steps to take immediately:

1. Open a new trouble ticket
2. Select type “Game Play Support”
3. Select category “Stuck” and “Stuck Character”
4. Put “Suicidal person” or something similar in the subject, and include a description of what you witnessed. Attach any chat logs or screenshots that can help the GM’s.

Additionally, if you can, try to keep the person talking. Listen to what they have to say. You can encourage them to contact us at Broadcast 4 Reps, but please get the ticket in first so that CCP can get to work while you are talking.

You can find additional avenues for reporting suicidal threats in gaming and social media here: Helping Others Online.

If you are dealing with depression or contemplating suicide, please seek help.

  • In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.
  • In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123.
  • In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14.
  • Helplines for over 60 countries can be found here.

UPDATE 10/04/16 1800 PST:

Per statement by Olivia’s older sister found HERE:

Hello, as most of you know already my sister Olivia is in the hospital, due to a suicide attempt. I wanted to give you an update on her current condition. She is stable, safe, and sleeping. She is, as far as we know, ok at this time. We are working with the powers that be in an effort to make sure, the vile people that hurt her, are dealt with swiftly and correctly. I want to note that, the information that we obtained, chat logs and the like, are being passed on to all parties that need them currently. In game alliance leadership teams of the involved pilots with be given this information once everything has been handled through the proper channels.

I’d also like to take this time to thank all of you for your overwhelming support through all of this. I want to give a special thanks to the well over 100 FB messages of love and support my sister received, from this community and I hope that one day I can repay your kindness. Once she has woken up I will be sure to either read them to her, or have her read them. Again thank you so very much for the support, and I will keep anyone interested appraised of the situation.

o7 fly safe

UPDATE 10/04/16 1855 PST

CCP Falcon has acknowledged they are working on the situation



  1. Trolling has its place, but never ANYWHERE NEAR the B4R. We are lucky enough to have a community that is very tightly knit and often very ready and willing to go to the ends of the earth to help, but there will always be people who do not know when enough is enough. I fully expect CCP to not only bring the banhammer in full force, but also to involve the police depending on what evidence they are able to collect – just as many other game devs have in the past.

    As Alex said, if you are struggling, you are not alone. There are countless resources to help get the help that is needed.

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  2. Makes me wonder if the people who do this ever feel any sense of guilt. Trolling in Eve has it’s place, but not here. I really hope Karma reaches around and bitch slaps these piles of human garbage.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. As a mod for B4R (and an IRL counsellor) this ilevel of asshattery is something we are always on the lookout for and we DO quash as soon as it raises it’s ugly head. Unfortunately some people are unable to find an element of compassion and decency and I just hope Olivia (and others) realise that B4R is still as safe as we can make it and will always be there for anyone that needs support.

    Spanky Ikkala

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  4. Why is anyone surprised by this?

    We are talking about Eve, where the managers and dev’s of CCP revel in sociopathic behaviour demonstrated by CCP’s customers and where CCP ENCOURAGES this kind of activity ingame. Why would anyone be shocked that the same awful people that do awful stuff in game cross the line to do awful stuff in real life, especially if it is under some cloak of semi-anonymity.


  5. If you troll a B4R post you really are the lowest form of scum. In game trolling has its place, and being a virtual PoS is one thing. B4R and BestOfUs however are organizations meant to give RL support to gamers that may not have such a support network outside of a digital world. Many gamers are anti social in real life, for whatever reason, social awkwardness or even just a general dislike of people. Trolling posts for B4R or the BestOfUs community is a reflection that you really are a RL degenerate scumbag piece of human garbage. If CCP can leave a representative in these channels, find the pieces of human waste and swing a serious ban hammer on their current accounts as well email and IP addresses of anyone that wants to troll these groups, that would be the minimum of an appropriate response.

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  6. Two words: Ban Hammer. And, if this can be proven, it should be put into the hands of the police local to the individuals concerned.

    There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior in any forum. Less than no excuse in a place specifically set aside to help those in need. This is utterly shameful and wrong.

    For what it is worth, and from another eve player, Olivia I am sorry. For what you have had to endure, and that this occurred at all in the first place.

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