When asked for quick trading tips, I invariably get asked “how many orders do you have?” Much to the surprise of those wanting to get ahead in the trading game, I very seldom reach more than a combined total of 50 orders that I need to maintain on a daily basis. It may seem unwise to invest so much of our funds into so few orders, but I employ a realistic approach to trading.

Any kind of market activity that is instigated by a player is never done in a vacuum. There is motivation and intent behind every order. With that in mind, my orders realistically mirror what a customer may want to leave the market hub with. There simply aren’t that many items that can be used just by themselves. Most things in the game are a small part of a larger system that combine to result in tools focused intelligently on a particular purpose. I trade not just individual items, but rather baskets of ships and modules that work together to form fully-fit ships for doctrine use.


Pictured above is my Tengu basket. For the purpose of this example, we have the Tengu, and the highest volume subsystems in the market. Upon inspection, you will notice that this particular fit is more than likely used for PvE, due to the afterburner, missile, and shield booster bonuses. It is safe to assume that this particular fit will see more demand than a traditional PvP fit.

In this specific case of T3 cruisers, if you find success in trading these then seriously consider trading the subsystems as well, since the ship by itself is inoperable. The subsystems are needed to just undock with this ship.

Train yourself to identify the pairings of ships and modules that would be in demand. This method has allowed me to more quickly make decisions about what to trade. Consider looking at killboards or even your own alliance doctrines to start identifying these ship and module combinations.

Besides these T3 baskets, I also maintain orders for the more popular pirate faction ships of all sizes, and accompanying faction or Deadspace modules in this particular case. If players are willing to pay for the added attributes of these ships, it is very likely that the more expensive and effective modules will be used to preserve the ship.

Finally, I routinely keep stacked orders for RMT products such as PLEX and skill injectors. These items tend to follow pricing trends in tandem, since they are used primarily in skill farming operations.




This is the first week of our compounded interest plan. Luckily, we were able to not just meet our goal, but reach a pay out of 7%. I aggressively stacked buy orders of our usual trade items, especially skill injectors. With these adjustments, we should be able to more quickly compensate for the naturally increasing funds we have to trade.

Due to the nature of our new investment plan, we will have to close our doors to new investors until we identify the limit at which we need to either find further investments beyond our group, or force pay-outs to relieve pressure from the added responsibility of trading larger and larger pools of money.

We look forward to the advent of the industrial complexes, and are very keen on taking advantage of this new structure to see if it fits the needs of our investors. Hopefully by that time, we will be in position to at least seriously consider large scale production as part of the group’s overall portfolio. If that ends up being the case, then we will again be able to entertain new funds, and be confident that we will be able to work the market as efficiently as possible.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.




The most peculiar event this week was how well we did in Dodixie: we had more positive trading activity come out of Dodixie than the other two major trade hubs. We literally traded only two items there – PLEX and skill injectors. The market for those items in the other trade hubs was simply unplayable throughout most of the week.

We will continue to aggressively attack buy orders, to maintain a steady flow of goods to resell. Also, I re-positioned my faction warfare character out of the Amarr militia after cashing out 1.5 million LP, resulting in 2 billion isk in revenue. Hopefully I will be able to repeat the process in a few months.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.


  1. Seeing that you’re paying taxes on your items you’re obviously not using citadels for the benefit of no tax. Why is that? Don’t want to bother yourself with moving it towards the hub for selling?

    I noticed that my own income went up with a nice percentage using buy orders in citadel but selling in the normal stations.


    • Hi there. I tend to still sell items in market hubs even if I off shore. I found that selling exclusively in citadels actually hinders our ability to complete our weekly pay outs due to the speed of the completed transactions.


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