There has been a recent addition to the Eve Mogul website. A more comprehensive charting display has been added through a collaboration with Eve Prosper. Although CREST graphs have been available, the new chart display simply offers more relevant information that would be useful to anyone who has any working knowledge on stock price charting and technical analysis.



The charts above are Open High Low Close (OHLC) charts. They offer much better visualization of price trends and the daily relationship of prices. This is an excellent addition to the tool box of any active trader. As mentioned, the greatest advantage of an OHLC chart is its ability to clearly display not just prices throughout a particular trading day but its relationship to the previous day. This gives information such as identifying developing short term trends and the general sentiment of the market.

I will begin to use this tool to more clearly depict movements in a particular market and give a better understanding of why an item is a good buy or not. Mind you, my style of trading may not be the same as other traders out there but this does not detract from the fact that the addition of more concise tools will help all market players make more intelligent decisions.




With the help of additional funds received last week, we managed to achieve a 6% pay out. Although the PLEX and skill injector markets were not as attractive this week, there was a much more well rounded demand for pirate ships, which helped us push through and gain additional profit.

Our newest investor presented an idea that was very well received by the group. He requested that his profit be rolled over to his original contribution as a form of compound interest. I thought it was a brilliant idea and offered the same pay out scheme to the rest of the investors.

Almost half of our investors were interested in the idea, so this week will be the first time where we will roll over profit for the purpose of compound interest. Essentially, profits earned will be added to the original contribution and the profit earned the following week will be based on more funds than what was originally given. However, this will present some interesting challenges to the group.

It will not take long for the funds to grow to a point where it may become unmanageable for a single trader to comfortably handle. In order to combat this, we will offer these options.

  1. Identify an interval where withdrawal of the compounded interest will be made. This will effectively act as a relief valve to ensure that I do not burn out and that the funds continue to be intelligently worked in the market without too much added pressure.
  2. For those that are interested, I will offer to re-invest their compound interest into other investment programs such as collateralized bonds with third party support. In order to do this, the investor must be comfortable with leaving his funds in play as per the conditions of the bond.
  3. Collaborate with our contacts regarding access and use of active null sec markets. This may entail null sec production or actively seeking out suppliers of raw materials that would be capable of selling BULK products to the group for the purpose of direct market sale or advanced production.
  4. Although not previously discussed, I am keen on asking the investors if they would be willing to share their profit with new player / charity organizations or supporting various content providers to help promote Eve Online as a whole.

If we continue to earn profit at the pace that we have been, we will act on one or more of these options. More and more, we find ourselves having to adapt to not just market changes, but changes within the group itself. We will continue to do so in order to stay competitive, relevant, and act as a continued source of content for our investors. One of humanity’s greatest minds said it best:

“The greatest force in the universe is compound interest.”

– Albert Einstein


Now let’s see how we did this trade week:




Much of the same, however, the Proteus was a bullish stock all week. It registered the highest sell price in the last 3 months and is just now showing signs of a price correction. In order to capitalize on this, I started buying Proteus subsystems but I am afraid I may be too late to the party.


PLEX and injectors were unplayable in Jita. All of our sales came from Amarr and Dodixie. Hopefully, prices become more attractive next week. I imagine the demand will increase as we approach the fall and players begin to spend more time at home playing the game. Another possible contributor to PLEX demand may be the arrival of the industrial complexes, if the recent spike on demand from the introduction of citadels is any historical indicator.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.


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