With the latest contribution to the investment group, we crossed a significant milestone. Currently, we have assumed control of slightly over 100 billion isk in trade assets. From our humble beginnings as a small group of players just messing about in the market, we have cemented our place as a serious entity in the market realm. With this achievement, it is clear that there is genuine interest in interacting with the market in a meaningful and organized way. Now that we have engaged those who were willing to offer support to traders, it’s time to address the other side of that partnership.

I would like to invite all manner of HONEST, like-minded industrial players in offering their expertise for the mutual benefit of profit-making with potential investors. My scope of operations is limited, especially when you consider the gamut of viable trading styles. It would be brilliant if we can amass experts in the field of trading, production, research, gas reactions, and planetary interaction. Expanding these activities can be daunting, especially if you consider the isk capital needed. It would be beneficial for these types of industrial players to have a means to advertise their business model, and see if there are possible backers for their operations.

If our investors can have access to the wide range of industrial activities in the game, then they will have the ability to tap into the various isk-making operations offered in all types of space. This will offer a powerful passive isk-making tool that would be difficult to achieve by other means. Not only that, but the social connections we make will be vital as we progress through CCP’s road map to the future of the game.

It’s been said that most high-sec and industrial players have a difficult time organizing themselves, for various reasons. This is a great opportunity to break that mold. Mind you, I do not fancy myself as a leader in this case. I only offer to share my knowledge and introduce various parties to each other. Together, we may be able to leverage a much-needed voice to assist the developers in ensuring that high-sec and industrial players are not forgotten when executing the future of the game.

If this idea interests you, please don’t hesitate to send Roedyn an eve mail.




Compared to the previous week, this week has been tremendously productive. We received additional contributions early in the week and managed to put that into play long enough to surpass our 5% pay out goal. However, we are expecting further injections of isk next week and it will be wise to hold on to the extra profit to act as a cushion for future higher pay outs.

We purchased a freighter to assist in the export of goods from Jita to the other major hubs. This has paid off nicely, as we were able to move 5 billion isk in trade goods to Amarr. It was necessary to do this since those items shifted in price to unprofitable levels. We were able to come out ahead in the end for those trades.

We also unfortunately had to purchase T3 component BPOs in preparation for restarting our T3 production lines. I say unfortunately, because my previous set was lost a year ago to a high-sec gank, during transport from one area of operation to another.

I am currently training all of my trading characters to support T3 production, which will allow added output to supplement our trading operations. I am hoping that the upcoming industrial arrays will be able to support profitable T3 production, but if not, I imagine building them out of a POS will still be viable.


Let’s see how we did this trade week.




Getting through these like very large, very expensive space popcorn.
People are getting through these like very large, very expensive space popcorn.

The most interesting item this week has been the Astrahus. I thought the margins were very attractive, and took a gamble; I was not expecting to flip my entire stock in a week. This may be evidence of the item reaching a point of surplus, especially if builders are willing to simply match it against buy orders and move on to other things. That said, it may be worthwhile to investigate the P4 (Advanced planetary commodities) markets and see if there is any room for profitable trades.

We also expanded our PLEX and skill injector trades to Dodixie. There was a decent daily volume for these items, so it was worthwhile to see how long we can execute the trades. Of course, there’s nothing like the volume that we would see in Jita or Amarr, but it’s still a great way to spread our influence throughout the major hubs.

A quick note on the news concerning Alpha clones. Currently, we have not received the complete description of this new feature, so anything said on the subject, especially concerning the potential market reactions, would be speculative at best. However, I do have some expectations based on how I’ve seen other games transition to a sort of freemium model.

  1. A more fleshed-out micro-transaction store. It only makes sense to expand on the Aurum store to entice free-to-play players into purchasing goods with real money.
  2. More frequent and potentially deeper discounts on PLEX and Aurum.
  3. Introduction of items from the micro-transaction store that may be exclusive to Alpha clones, or at the very least offer the most advantage when used by an Alpha clone.
  4. An iteration on the available account services offered.

Again, the above is mere speculation. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone if CCP begins to adopt practices that are common in similar game models.

Thank you for reading. Good luck, and happy trading.

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