Being in my new alliance, Wrecking Machine, has been a source of active group play in terms of scheduled operations, roams, and the ability to influence a group of players in terms of industry and market play. This has presented me with the opportunity to introduce my alliance mates to the investment group and provide guidance on general industry and trade. I also want to be able to positively contribute to the alliance by sharing my knowledge and experience on the subject, to provide us with a sustainable means to stay fitted with prescribed doctrine ships while spending our time efficiently in ensuring we have the capability to respond on the battlefield.

However, as I was brainstorming ways to execute this, I came upon the realization that the game simply does not have the tools to promote this level of market play. I want to be able to use this platform to effectively communicate my findings. I also intend to submit this article to CSM members for their review and hope that they find the subject interesting and worthy of further inquiry. With that in mind, I will respect their wishes of not proposing solutions, but only assist in identifying problems.

There is no advantage in creating a dedicated trading corp – Before I joined my current alliance, I invited one of my friends from the Neocom to join my corp in hopes of teaching him how to trade more effectively. After he joined, it quickly became evident that being in the same corp actually did not facilitate this. Being in the same organizational umbrella, along with the trappings of dedicated corporate wallets, bulletins, and hangars did not contribute to learning the science and art of trading. In this scenario, being in the same corp simply did not have any value.

This is a pretty big miss for a game that values player created content and sandbox play. The game simply does not offer the same tools and organizational overview that would be useful in the same ways that benefit a dedicated PVP, incursion, or general industrial corp. We are not incentivized to work together.

Raising concerns with the CSM. (Still: (c) CBS)
Raising concerns with the CSM. (Image: (c) CBS)

It’s not possible to see all pending buy and sell orders from a corporate wallet, regardless of roles – even in my personal trading corp, this lack of visibility is a problem. It prevents proper planning in using the dedicated funds and could potentially result in failed buy orders due to overly committed funds. Only being able to see completed transactions will not prevent failed orders. The involved parties could simply ensure that they communicate their orders with each other frequently, but that may not necessarily be feasible given real life commitments and the need for out of game communications.

Market delivery hangars that separate items based on who placed the order – building on the lack of visibility of the corporate wallet, it would be beneficial if market delivery hangars could be further separated into tabs similar to corporate hangars. This would promote ownership of the orders, and prompt further action from the one whose orders were matched. This would also avoid confusion when faced with a market delivery hangar full of items, where no-one knows which items need to be resold by which particular character. This becomes more pertinent when players have a specified set of orders to be resold based on the limited number of orders they can place.

A streamlined way to make regular mass pay-outs from a corporate wallet – This is not exclusive to the needs of a trading corp per se, but I find this to be inconvenient in the investment group. I pay out my investors every week, and the value is pretty constant. Having a way to do this without having to resort to the clunky corp shares mechanic (or fixing how corp shares work) would be a blessing.

A way to execute scheduled pay outs from a corporate wallet could be the foundation needed to promote more comprehensive contracts such as those related to services rendered like mercenary work or other specific tasks within a corporation.




This week was quite challenging; as you can see, we did not even make it to the weekly leader board. We had to use the leftover profits from the previous week to complete the minimum 5% pay out for this week. Fortunately, things started picking up later in the week, and the margins on PLEX and injectors started to reach profitable levels again.

We also received added contributions this week. Currently we have 81.8 billion isk in total contributions, and the majority of the investors have been paid out 75% of their original contributions.

One of my trading toons has finished training research skills, and we are currently sitting on a complete set of original structure component blueprint originals that have been researched to as high as ME 8. This is in preparation for the industrial arrays, and we also hope to be selling Citadel blueprint copy sets in the future. With permission from the investment group, I intend to purchase an Astrahus and Industrial Array blueprint original for research and copying.


Let’s see how we did this trade week.




I was adjusting the tax rates on the Eve Mogul tool to account for the new Fortizars that I use for offshoring, and mistakenly entered the wrong value. This discrepancy is evident on the profit and taxes graph.

The biggest surprise this week has been the Proteus and Tengu. There was a relatively large margin on these items, and we were able to capitalize on it. We also saw gains on Navy faction modules and ships. This is typically quite rare, given the very active nature of these items and their daily volume. Often we would place buy orders for these items with very few, if any, being matched.

With our added funds, the next few weeks will be focused on finding our new equilibrium in the market. We will need to branch out to new trade items that can support the volume we need to commit our funds effectively. We may have to start exporting to spoke markets again to ensure this happens.

Thanks for reading. Good luck, and happy trading.


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  1. Just wanted to make a correction. You can see pending buy and sell orders made from a corporate wallet in the market window. However, it does not give you the same level of detail as you would see in the wallet window. I think it would be beneficial to see all the pending market transactions from a corporate wallet along with total pending buy / sell / escrow / additional isk to cover.

    Thank you to Elizabeth Norn for pointing out the discrepancy.


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