This week was quite uneventful. Fortizars were destroyed, and for every city they burn, they build one higher. Unfortunately, this level and type of destruction did little to the stocks that we were already engaged in. What had a more profound impact was the 10%-off PLEX sale.

We have adapted our trading to account for the short term effects of PLEX, Aurum, and Eve-related steam sales; basically have very limited interaction with them. Someone from the SCC Lounge presented a very good question: he wanted to know if there was a quick way to plot out when CCP conducts these sales and then compare that to the resulting market prices of related products in game. I thought he may be on to something. I am looking forward to hear about the findings if he ever publishes it.

I do hope that whoever takes on this level of data mining shares their findings. As for me, I must ensure the survival of the investor group’s business model and must look to find other opportunities. At least we will be able to play the PLEX and related markets until the next PLEX / Aurum / Steam sale which should occur in two weeks if the recent sales pattern is anything to go by.

From a strictly in game trader perspective, these sales are starting to become actually oppressive. The sales have come at such a frequency that one wonders if these are not being used to suppress the price of PLEX and related items that can be bought with real money legally. Who knows where the average sell price of PLEX may be right now if we only had half of the sales occur? Of course, my argument is infantile since the purpose of a business is to make profit. I simply cannot help but speak of this observation.


Investor Group Update


We did pretty well this week. We had two additions to the group and were able to more effectively put the added isk in play compared to previous instances. Since we seem to have reached an experience level where we can more quickly accommodate added funds, we will be opening the investment group again. However, we will first make the offer to alliance and all our discord group friends.

Another subject I have been meaning to tackle is effective execution of pay outs. In order to accommodate more investors, we may have to standardize the contributions and consequent pay outs. I will have to learn more about the corporate shares mechanic to see if this is viable. If we move to this method, I will ensure to contact everyone involved so as not to disrupt our pay out cycle. Now this may not work out for all cases since we have investors with special pay out circumstances, but we must eventually move towards a more standardized / automatic payment method.

Once we can free up some research slots, we will revive our T2 production lines. I am very curious to see how much support Lenny is actually willing to provide to traders and builders when it comes to seeding his vision of spoke markets. We will do our part and test the waters to see if there is enough interest in using these hi sec market hubs that border null regions that were identified. At the very least, this should get us in the production routine in order to take advantage of the industrial arrays when they come out.


Let’s see how we did this trade week.




Similar results to last week. The opportunities to flip PLEX were pretty rare this week. However, there was some room for profit on the skill injector trade.

The availability of trades that would be in line with our time on return of investments and general effort has been diminishing. We find ourselves in a position where we are trading less than 50 individual types of items, we just happen to spread out those trades over 2 major trade hubs.

I am curious to see how Lenny’s intent to help seed tertiary market hubs play out. As an investment group, we will be waiting in the wings. It will be foolish to not have an eye to these developments, given how much influence he has over the game in general. Hopefully opportunities will present themselves that we can partake in.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.




  1. Could you please specify what you mean with ‘compare that to the resulting market prices of related products in game’? Are you talking about materials to build citadels?


    • Hi there. I was referring to the prices of PLEX, skill extractors, skill injectors, and SKINS – all items that could be bought with real money or aurum.


  2. On a side note, do you know what happened to probag Bear? I read your interesting weekly reports and he was there always in first place, while now he is nowhere to be seen. His eve-mogul data seems to be zeroed as if the pilot is banned or erased.

    Just wondering.


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