Last week, we touched upon the idea of finding opportunities. I recommended to my investors to keep their eyes open for market opportunities and players that can further our goals. Now I would like to take my own advice and propose an idea. I will be presenting ideas from two potentially conflicting ends of the spectrum, so please bear with me.

Let me begin by saying that I am in the “Eve is not dying” camp. I do not subscribe to the idea that the moment great wars are over and large swathes of space cease to exchange hands, the game is suddenly on life support. I am a trader; a faction warfare / lowsec scumbag; a war deccer; a fringe player. These much smaller subsets of players see continued activity and progress even through supposed content droughts. These are the innovators, the outside-the-box thinkers, and risk takers.

I want to help recognize and celebrate these types of fringe players and organizations. Throughout my time in the game, I have led and been a part of groups that fall under this description. Unfortunately, there will inevitably come a time where you just hit a wall and are faced with tough decisions – be assimilated by larger groups, lose your organizational soul in order to become more widely accepted, or continue with the challenge you have set for yourself.

It is important to me that varied play styles stay viable and fun. I want to offer an opportunity for individual players, corporations, or even alliances to be recognized in their efforts to keep the game fresh and interesting for all. It will be beneficial for the game to ensure that such entities stay healthy and growing.

Now that all sounds incredibly altruistic for an investment group.  What’s the angle?

This will be our first foray into venture capital investments, albeit in a very general sense. Instead of diverting funds to a single entity, we want to offer FINANCIAL support to the demographic of players that may be lesser known but conduct objective-driven content extraction. We want to support smaller, active entities or individual players that truly play the sand box.

Hopefully, this will promote a healthy ecosystem where we can offer support to both hunters and prey. We want to help maintain diversity, which will eventually result in conflict. From that conflict, we will do our best to be poised to take advantage of market reactions. Remember, we are a for-profit organization. In the end, I must ensure that my investors are in a position to continue to grow their investments, not just in my operation, but in the game as a whole. Another thing to note, this is not a charity. This is a way to highlight and reward the efforts, successes, and struggles of entities with growth potential.

Forgive the brutal honesty. I think it is only proper for any proposal to the community be truthful and reveal inner motivations to see if there really is value in participating in the activity in the first place.

How do you propose to choose your beneficiaries?

  1. Submit a short description of who you are, who you fly with, who you would like to be recognized, and why you are deserving of our monetary gift. Send this to Roedyn via eve mail. I will write an article at the end of the selection cycle highlighting all of our shortlisted candidates. I will directly quote your submission in order to maintain the spirit of your message. Hopefully getting this kind of exposure for your group will assist in recruitment efforts.
  2. We will attach a poll in the same article that will highlight all of the candidates. The poll will be open to everyone and will be the primary method of deciding who is the best candidate.
  3. The winner of the poll will be awarded 1 billion isk, or a near equivalent, in ships and/or modules.
  4. Once delivery of the prize is complete, I will submit a post in the official forums.  I will also ask the recipient to reply confirming receipt of the prize, in order to maintain transparency.
  5. For the first round of candidates, submissions will be open until August 31, 2016. If there is enough interest, I would like to make this a monthly event.

Why don’t you just give money to charity or newbro organizations?

That is not the purpose of this exercise. The challenges faced by new players and players breaking away from the new player mold are very different. As an investment group, we would prefer to offer support and exposure to groups that have developed clear objectives in the game beyond simply existing. There are already numerous groups that focus on assisting and progressing new players. I feel that we may be approaching a point of diminishing returns when it comes to the addition of more new-player-focused organizations. Instead of lending a hand to players who first enter the sand box, I prefer to lend a hand to players who have a plan on how to shake up the sand box.

I hope to see some interest in this new project. However, being a realist, I am ready to pivot to address flaws in our first iteration of our attempt to give back to the community. In the case of failure, I am prepared to continue on this path and find the right way to address the community and gain exposure and support for small and less well-known objective-driven entities. This is a long-term commitment, and I am prepared to listen and implement methods that would be palatable to as many players as possible.


Investment Group Update



We continue to focus efforts on trading in plex and injectors. The most recent plex sale from last week made these items a bit too tight to play until the middle of the week. However, even with the limited opportunity, we were still able to progress with our profits.

This week, we will be able to give out 8% pay outs. Although much less than last week’s pay out, I’m glad that we continue to beat the benchmark that we have placed for ourselves. In regards to our community project proposal, rest assured that we will be able to comfortably set aside the prize money throughout a four week period while still being able to complete the promised pay outs. If for some reason this is not the case, I will be able to cash out saved loyalty points in order to cover the difference.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.


During the week, I placed offshore plex and skill injector buy orders from the Amarr trade hub, as a test. Although I was only able to complete a very small number of these trades, the spreads on them were definitely much more attractive than Jita. I will continue to test these items and other established trade goods to see if we can capture enough market share from other trade hubs in order to offer more diversity.

There was a noticeable shift in pricing on T3 cruisers and destroyers: demand was significantly higher this week, and I was able to resell a good number with very little effort. With the Imperium shifting their forces to other parts of null, the added demand may be a result of staging war assets, for both the Imperium and the forces that seek to oppose them.

As you can see, our top trades are slowly becoming more refined. I can tell you that we are now trading far fewer unique items than we once did before focusing on plexes and skill injectors. The loss of immediate diversity does worry me, since it could leave us more susceptible to general market swings. In order to combat this, I will start looking at contracts as a source of items to resell. Honestly, this is new territory for our operation, and I will definitely be taking careful steps as I proceed with this plan.

Thanks for reading.  Good luck, and happy trading.


  1. When you trade skill injectors in Jita, do you move the skill injectors from Jita 4-4 to a citadel to sell? I’ve been trying to figure out what the best way to get them out to a citadel is without getting blown up on the undock.


    • Actually I do the reverse. I place off shore buy orders for the skill injectors and then move them back to Jita. At least in my experience they sell much faster in station itself versus the citadel. With the pay out structure that we have for our investment group, speed is definitely something that must be considered.


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