Manic Velocity and Elinari Rhodan are joined by Rahne, Roedyn, and Suitonia to discuss the upcoming Alliance Tournament


5 Star iTunes Reviews:

iTunes (Germany) – Von Norbert Bensel: “What a fun to listen” (non-translated)


Indak@Indak08   Jul 8

@TheNeocom Having @CyrillianVoth & @Zendane_Eve in one podcast, with those dulcet tones, the result is…Oh myyyy

HPA Discovery@HPA_Discovery  Jul 6

@TheNeocom i think you did a great job highlighting that the rules have changed & encourage to try it again! And ty for ref this account.

RandomMcNally@RandomMcNally1  Jul 6

@Proto_Eve @TheNeocom @dorian_reu @Elinari_R Damn you Proto, tearing up listening to the announcement.  o7 Sorry to see you step back…

Bára / CCP karkur@CCP_karkur  Jul 5

(In response to Proto passing the show to new hosts) @TheNeocom the answer is ‘no’ 😀

Proto’s Response: I’ll miss the show, but I’m still behind the curtain

EVE Online News:

  • Patch 118.7

      • Upgrades to the Visual Damage Iteration
      • Physically Based Rendering for space assets
      • Celestial cloud performance improvements for DirectX11
      • Improvements to fleet hangar and cargo hold menus


  • Citadel contracting live on Sisi
  • Reminder that the In-Game Browser goes the way of the dodo on or about October 11th.

  • Ship Spotlight: Ferox

  • CCP Quant Graph Pron – June Monthly Economic Report:

  • LOTS of Alliance Tournament news which we will cover in our 2nd half segment
  • Serpentis Capital SKINs now available in the New Eden Store:

Eve Community News:


(We have reached out to CCP Falcon for comment about the short deadline of August 1st as it was posted July 25th)

  • Instagram Screenshot Competition (Per CCP Leeloo – Deadline August 5th)

  • CCP Falcon looking for feedback for Updated EVE Online Forums:

  • EVE Vegas Updates:
    • October 28th – 30th – Planet Hollywood (Halloween weekend, maybe talk costume ideas?)
    • Tickets still available
    • Player Speakers announced so far:

Jayne Fillon – How to be a content creator
Tyrrax Thorrk – Guiding Hand Social Club History

    • List of Dev speakers announced so far:

CCP Seagull – Executive Producer
CCP Mimic – Development Producer
CCP Ghost – Development Producer
CCP Affinity – Game Designer
CCP Rise – Game Designer
CCP BlueScreen – Senior 3D Artist

  • Congratulations to A’Nae of 15 Minute Outliers as the first winner of the EVE Vegas Ticket Holder’s Draw for a free room at Planet Hollywood! How do you enter? Simply buy a ticket for EVE Vegas and you’re automatically entered!

BREAK  (Music selection DEDICATED TO OTTO BISMARCK: What About AUTZ – Subira Hakuli

DUST514 / Valkyrie / Gunjack News:

Alliance Tournament

  • Bye bye tinkers/smaller teams = more action?


Closing Monologue:

Music, background tracks, and bumpers feature works by Proto, CCP RealX, Luobote Kong, Ned Thomas, and Terris Dadundar.

The Neocom Podcast is available through the RSS feed or by visiting us at If you’re tuning in via iTunes, please leave us a 5 star rating or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher. You can email us at

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Manic Velocity – @manicvelocity

Cyrillian – @CyrillianVoth

Roedyn – @Roedyn12

Rahne – @chocolaterahne

Suitonia – @Suitonia


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We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.

Closing Song: Stuck In a Bubble With You – RMT Records

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