It’s no secret that I have been offshoring my buy orders. Since the fiasco that caused me to lose access to modify buy orders from the Niyabainen Fortizar, I have been setting buy orders from one of the Fortizars in Perimeter, the one owned by Riemannian Manifold Torus [RMT C]. I was surprised to discover that the owner of the Fortizar had this under the corporation description:


I was very surprised to see a threat to this Fortizar made public by the owner. From what I understand, it’s common fare to have highsec mercenary corporations on stand by as part of the security detail for any well prepared market Fortizar owner. This leads me to believe that the coming threat can field a greater force than what has already been set aside on defensive retainer.

Now I will not go further into speculating about this scenario specifically. I simply don’t have enough solid base information to even hope to make any reasonable hypothesis. All I can say is, good luck to [RMT C] and may you have good fights.

However, I would like to share some thoughts on the matter in general. First, it is very reasonable to threaten the existence of the market Fortizars around major trade hubs. There is simply an incredible amount of wealth that is washed through these Fortizars on a daily basis. A healthy amount of plexes, skill extractors, and skill injectors are bought and sold there. The transaction taxes derived from these purchases is a good passive income source for the owners. If one can thin the competition by destroying some, all the better for the incoming owners.

The environment itself provides the catalyst for an organized fight around a single point in space. Current Fortizar owners have amassed their defenses in order to protect their structures. All that is needed is opposition. Even if the intent is not to position your group to replace current market powers, the threat you pose should be enough to coax a fight through the multiple reinforcement timers of the citadels.

Finally, and perhaps the most hopeful idea I have about the subject, is that if the wardec combined with the crimewatch mechanic as it is right now fails to provide the construct needed to engage in citadel fights in Empire space, then this may force the developers to revisit these mechanics. It doesn’t take much to persuade a player who has used these mechanics into thinking that it is in need of a rework. It is obviously too early to determine whether the current highsec combat mechanics are sufficient to support highsec citadel fights, but I imagine that if exploits or severe imbalances are discovered then these would need developer attention.






As evidenced by the leaderboard results, we gained much ground this week. I mentioned last week that I was liquidating mid- to long-term assets in order to prepare for trading in plex and skill injectors. I felt I needed the added capital to make worthwhile moves on these types of stocks. I’m happy to report that our venture into this new territory was a resounding success.

It took some time but I finally came to realize the potential we had with our trading wallet size. It was simply too inefficient to continue trading low cost items, especially if you were to take into account their inherent volatility. Given the resources at our disposal, this was a very natural move.

We earned more than the promised weekly return on investment. The extra funds have nonetheless been moved from the trading wallet in order to set it aside for future pay outs. Since this is our first time trading these products, I thought it prudent to prepare for any unforeseen short-term volatility.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.


As stated, our new investment strategy yielded incredible profit even though the orders didn’t take much babysitting. The sheer volume of plexes and skill injectors actually lends itself to surprising stability. Please note that the majority of these plexes and skill injectors were purchased and sold within the same day. Typically I was able to flip these items 10-20 at a time per evening gaming session.

In order to continue to squeeze every bit of efficiency from the trading wallet, I have also started cross referencing trade leads with the Fuzzworks Loyalty Point database to see the volumes and spreads of high LP-to-isk ratio items. Although not nearly as successful as the plexes and skill injectors, these items serve to capture higher cost items that are more suitable to our trading wallet size.

With the Imperium moving out of Saranen, I’m hoping the relocation will serve to fuel further conflicts that would increase demand for PvP doctrines. I will make sure to note any sudden volatility to the ship and module market and take advantage of this often very short window if at all possible.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and happy trading.


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