On June 10th, the incomparable Rixx Javix released the first volume of a hopeful series of e-books called The Empyrean Chronicles – a collection of short stories from various authors from around the EVE Online community. Among those chosen for this initial installment of 19 stories were authors such as Rhavas, Niden, Tiberius Stargazer, and The Neocom’s very own Dorian Reu.

Although it’s very easy to see where Dorian takes his inspiration from as you read through the story, this should remind you that you can find the same kind of stimulus through your every day interactions with different people, events, and places in New Eden. A potential novel exists with every person you encounter, the fights you partake in, the close calls you live to tell the tale about, and yes, even the failures that may or may not show up on your killboard. Not only do we write our own stories in a direct and meaningful way as we go about clicking in space and checking spreadsheets, but there are stories that we write in our imaginations that never get told.

EVE Online is touted as “The largest living work of science fiction” and continues to inspire projects by players in the community to celebrate it. This e-book is no exception. From stories like EVE Templar One by Tony Gonzales to A History of the Great Empires of EVE by Andrew Groen, we are hungry to take our in game experience with us out of game. Why? Because every person that plays EVE Online is playing a part in the narrative of the game’s direction. What’s important to note however, is that being the largest living work of science fiction isn’t just about what takes place in game, but also what takes place in our mind. We may be at work or away from the game for various reasons, however our brains are in overdrive as we set upon our real life commitments about what’s the next for us when we do log in. That mental engagement is what keeps us coming back to the game and fan fiction is just a natural extension of our desire to plug in, write our stories, and make it as real as possible.

As you read Dorian’s story from The Empyrean Chronicles, ask yourself what kinds of stories could YOU write about the people and events around you? Were you in B-R5RB, or was your character watching the footage on SCOPE feeds in your captain’s quarters? What were your character’s thoughts as he / she got their first kill? Chances are that if you dig deep enough, you could find your own story and end up being cemented in EVE Online history in the next installment of The Empyrian Chronicles by simply doing as Dorian did…tell the story rooted in your imagination.

Without further ado, please enjoy Dorian’s story about dealing with death, the lengths someone would go for revenge, and how those around us are vital when we need support.

Dorian Reu
Dorian Reu

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

“Yeah, I think so. He sounded like he was ready.” Sydney used the capsule’s ability to transfer her thoughts into an audio-visual representation and Kira’s Capsule did the same in return.

“You’re sure? He said he had the ISK? And he was ready to do this?” Kira asked again but in further detail.

“I… I really don’t know. I didn’t ask, I was a bit shocked that he even reached out to me.” Sydney clarified
that her discussion with her Uncle Wrathe was less than detailed. “Let me make sure… I’ll get back to you. Thanks

“No problem Syd, Let me know if I can help. Oh and tell Dorian and Mynxee that I said Hi.” Kira disconnects the transmission just as Sydney jumps her interceptor through the Madirmilire gate into Ashab. Only 4 jumps to Safizon, where her Uncle’s call came from… Where her Cousin died just days before.

“Contact Mynxee” Again her ship did as commanded, reaching out to find Mynxee at the Institute of Paleocybernetics in Thera. The response was text only, due to the nature of wormholes and the lack of FTL gates to allow the normal A/V communications in Empire Space.

“Syd, how are you?” Syd could hear Mynxee’s voice as she read the text, and replied. “I’m good, Yeah… I have a question”

Then the rapid fire began: “What’s wrong? Are you OK? Is Dorian ok?”

Mynxee really was more than a friend to Sydney and Dorian ever since Dorian joined Signal Cartel. Sydney
thought of her as a big sister.

“No… We’re good. Well, I mean, Dorian is in that Wormhole you guys showed her and..” Sydney sent the message and paused to figure out what she really wanted to ask.

“Spill it Syd.” Mynxee always could cut to the chase.

“It’s my uncle, he stopped talking to me when I became a capsuleer. Religious reasons… but called me a few hours ago to let me know my Cousin died to the Drifters at Safizan. Now he wants…” It came out as a blurp of information. Not really a sentence, but more her attempt to get the whole story across quickly.

Mynxee turned to Syd and said “Look, I understand his motives and I want to help him, but if he dies… If he dies, I don’t want you to blame me.”

“Blame you? I couldn’t blame you for that. He needs this, and if he dies then it is God’s will.” Sydney said quite matter-of-factly.

“I’ll never understand you Amarrians and your God’s hatred of clones, but I understand what you’re saying. Ok, Lemmie make some calls. Oh, and this may take a bit so go get a room for him. These people I need to speak to haven’t heard from me in quite awhile.” Mynxee headed out of the bar toward the privacy of her ship.

“Alright, we’ll be there sometime tonight and thanks, I owe ya one.” Mynxee replied to her old friend from the privacy of her ship.

“OK, more than one.” Her friend laughed and disconnected the transmission. “This kid is going to make me use up all the love these guys have for me.”

“Contact Syd…”

“Hey, Mynxee. What did you find out?” Sydney responded when she accepted the transmission.

“Come to my ship, and bring your stuff. We’ve gotta be somewhere tonight.” was all that Mynxee said before disconnecting the transmission.

She began powering up her ship and performing the preflight checks and had a chance to sit looking at her pod before they arrived at her quarters.

(Beep, Beep, Beep)

“Come in… Alright, get in.” was all she said to Sydney and Wrathe.

“But Mynx…” Sydney was cut off

“Nope, I’m driving. Where we’re going, your ship would just cause questions or get shot at. Or both.” and with that Sydney and her Uncle boarded Mynxee’s Astero.

Twenty jumps later, four of which in Low Security space, they arrived at the Poteque Pharmaceuticals Station orbiting the second moon of the fifth planet in Abath. Upon docking, they did not immediately see their contact. Only after waiting until the hanger crew had secured the ship, did he show himself. He motioned for them to come toward him and he exited the hanger with the three in tow. They followed him down a corridor, not a word was spoken. Finally they turned into a small break room that the hanger maintenance crew was using. The maintainers saw them enter and with a wave of the quiet man’s finger… all of them proceeded to leave.

The quiet man sat down and motioned for the three to do the same. He never said a word. The three sat there uncomfortably in silence until another door opened. When it did a man smoking a cigarette entered and sat next to the quiet man. He took a drag from his smoke and said “Why?”

Mynxee attempted to speak and was waived off by the smoking man. He looked at Wrathe who was obviously the only person in the room who could possibly need this procedure and asked again “Why?”

“Vengance.” Was his answer and it brought a smile to the smoking mans face.

“This is dangerous.” The man said through the smoke cloud as he exhaled.

“I am ready to die for this.” Wrathe’s answer again pleased the man.

“You might just do that.” the smoking man laughed as he said the words causing him to cough. “You just

“You, Girl. You understand the risk? Can you keep your mouth shut if he Dies?” Sydney was asked.

“He needs this. I will not stop him and I will honor his wishes. I will stay quite if he… If he dies.” Sydney
looked at Mynxee and Mynxee nodded her approval.

“Good, first we will test you. If all is well, we can proceed tonight. If the test comes back bad, you will need to sleep on your decision.” And with that the quiet man reached out and grabbed Wrathe’s arm. He inserted a needle into his forearm extracting a vial of deep red blood. He pulled a small hand held device, with a screen, out of his coat and inserted the vial into it.

The image showed his entire body and the image spun as the test proceeded. The amber screen turned green. He
was compatible.

The two men looked at Wrathe “Well then, are you ready?”

“I have made peace with my decision.” He responded and this caused the two men to smile.

“Do you have the ISK?” The smoking man asked and Mynxee looked at Sydney for payment.

Wrathe looked at the man “ISK? I have Amarrian credits… I do not have ISK.” Sydney grabbed her Uncles shoulder and spoke “We have the ISK” she took the pad from the Quiet man’s hand and transferred the necessary funds. Wrathe’s eyes thanked his Niece without saying a word.

“Good, come with us. You two ladies stay here.” and the three men left the room.

Slowly, the maintainers returned to the break room. They were nice and offered the two capsuleers some of their
meager packed lunches. The ladies graciously declined and after three and a half hours, the smoking man returned.
He walked into the breakroom and lit another smoke. “It’s done, he’s alive. But we’ve kept him sedated in the clone
vat until you could be there.”

Mynxee Spoke up first “Clone bay? He was just to get the implant, not get a clone yet! It’s too soon!”

“You paid for the old man to become a Capsuleer, he is now a capsuleer.” The smoking man said.

“He might be mad, he wasn’t ready for this. He’s had no training! You knew that!” Mynxee charged the smoking man and thrust him against the wall with her forearm.

“We shall see, won’t we?” said the smoking man as he tried unsuccessfully to push from Mynxee’s grasp.

“So help me…” Mynxee uttered as she released the man.

“Follow me.” he said as he moved to the door and squashed out his smoke in the tray by the door.

It appears that the Poteque Pharmaceuticals Station that they docked at has a duplicate clone bay. It is identical to the official one used by many capsuleers but this one is different. The difference was obvious when they saw Wrathe. He was floating in a bay, with an second identical clone right next to him.

“Ya see, we make the first clone out of just crappy biomass. It’s a poor clone but it works. Then we complete the Capsuleer implant procedure and immediately Biomass the original body and burn his memory to the first clone, the shitty one. Then we use his own cadaver to create the second clone. Cadaver Biomatter makes the best clone material but bodies are so hard to get, so we make our own. Now all we need to do is kill this clone and viola, you have a capsuleer!” The smoking man actually made this vicious procedure seem commonplace.

“Care to do the honors?” the quiet man said to Sydney with a smile. It was the first time he spoke.

“No… No, it’s ok.” Sydney answered with a shiver. “Suit yourself ” the quiet man responded and turned the dial on a wall panel.

The first clone of Wrathe jolted and then fell limp, then moments later the second clone vibrated and began breathing via the tubes inserted into his mouth. The second vat, the one that now held Wrathe’s consciousness, opened and the fluid dumped into the grated floor. Wrathe fell forward into the arms of the smoking man and the quiet man.

“I… (Cough) I… Moved.” Were the new capsuleer’s first words.

“Yeah, you did. How you feeling?” Mynxee asked.

“Uh… Hungry.” Wrathe responded, still a bit confused.

“That’s my Uncle.” Sydney assured everyone. “Let’s get you dried off and find you something to eat.”

As Wrathe ate for the first time in his new body, Sydney and Mynxee walked away to talk.

“He’s going to need a lot of help.” Mynxee stated the obvious to Sydney to reinforce the issue.

“I know, but I can’t teach him to fight, I don’t know how.” Sydney sat down at the bar. “But you know how!”

“Oh, no, those days are long gone. However… Have you spoken to Kira? She just opened her own corporation, ya know? They help new Capsuleers take their first steps into this new life.”

“No, she never mentioned that. I didn’t know. Do you think she’d help him?”

“It’s what she does. She’s got quite the crew with her. Call her, I’ll go sit with your Uncle.” Mynxee said as
she walked away from the Bar. “You can use my ship.”

Sydney made her way to the hanger bay and boarded the Astero. “Contact Kira”

“Syd! How’d you make out with your Uncle? Is he OK?”

“Yeah, about that. Do you have a minute?” Sydney smiled uncomfortably as she said the words.


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  1. Thanks for the write up, much appreciated. There will be more volumes, the next two will be pulling stories from the Pod and Planet annual contest entries, along with a few new stories here and there. In addition I’m always looking for artists to help illustrate individual stories and provide work for the book itself.

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