This was a pretty eventful week. I have been placing remote buy orders from a Fortizar in Niyabainen for items to sell in Jita. Suddenly, I was unable to modify orders made from this Fortizar. Basically, the error message read something to the effect of not being able to modify orders since I do not have docking rights to this citadel.

I investigated this and verified that I could not dock in the Fortizar. Since there wasn’t much I could do with buy orders that I could not modify, I had to cancel all of them and restart the whole list – over 40 billion isk of buy orders that had to be redone. This was a moment of “Fuuuuuuuuuu………”

In a way I was glad it happened. It gave me a chance to review the buy orders and notice that it was weighted a bit too heavily on low-volume, higher price-per-unit items. This left me vulnerable to simply waiting for these orders to complete longer than I would like.

The event also forced me to realize that I need to communicate with Fortizar owners and see about the continued ability to offshore buy orders. By doing so, this will hopefully put me in a position where I can begin to broker deals concerning the mass selling of goods from The Forge region outside of Jita 4-4.



week_10jul16walletpicIt took a few nights to rebuild the buy order list. Effectively, I was not able to sell enough goods relative to the wallet size. Because of this, I had to prematurely sell mid-to-long-term investments in order to ensure that the weekly payouts could be done.

In order to more easily survive events like this in the future I will have to reduce the weekly payout, to ensure that the goal is achieved rather than failing to succeed on a higher pay out should something strange happen in the market.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.


Instead of showing all the trades I did for the week, I would like to instead focus on the more successful ones. It feels that the complete trade list may serve more to overload newer traders as opposed to actually guide them on the path to see more profitable trades.

Due to the increase in money that I now manage, I’ve had to divert a good portion of that to more expensive items. This is supported by the best trade of the week being faction large shield extenders.

I was surprised to see that there was a relatively healthy volume of trades in this type of stock. As you can see, I also traded on dead space modules much to the same effect.

A big surprise was the strategic cruisers. This week was perhaps the most stable I’ve seen them ever since I’ve started trading. Typically I would see them swing wildly on both ends of the spectrum, but this week was different. I don’t know enough of the greater wormhole community to make an educated hypothesis on why this is, but it is definitely worth investigating.

Thanks for reading and thank you to those who continue to support the investment group. This week was a great learning experience and I am glad that we were able to pivot quickly to meet our desired goals.


  1. The T3 price stability was caused by Probag Bear using the “Invisible Buy Order ” exploit to buy up all of the T3materials that were sold to buy orders in Jita until CCP plugged it. (Unfortunately the images that explained the loophole have been deleted because the OP was obviously worried the ban hammer would come).
    Because of this Probag Bear could use his army of industrialists to build about 1000 T3 subs and who knows how many hull a day and sell them for less than the amount it would cost anybody else to make them as everyone else was relying on sell orders. (Tha’ts why he is sitting on 64bil profit for the week and 114bil for the month in the images above – Although closer to 15bil and 30bil as Eve Mogul doesn’t take into consideration the amount you pay for components so allocates an industrialist with 100% of the sale value as profit)
    This caused an over supply on the market and a subsequent drop in both buy and sell order prices as other industrialists went to lick their wounds and question why CCP wasn’t treating it as the exploit it obviously was.
    It has now been patched, but the market is still suffering from a bit of over supply which will keep prices low for a few weeks.

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