Proto is joined by Elinari Rhodan, Manic Velocity, ChYph3r, Zendane, Cyrillian Voth, and Dorian Reu as we catch up from the last show and Proto passes the Neocom Podcast to a new team of hosts.




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(Nova Newscast) Rixx Javix ‏@RixxJavix Feb 29
This is awesome and you should listen … #tweetfleet #eveonline @TheNeocom

(Nova Newscast) Serenalen ‏@Serenalen_EVE Mar 1
Well done, @TheNeocom News! @CyrillianVoth and @Elinari_R capture the perfect tone. #BBCinNewEden #tweetfIeet

Montecore ‏@Montecore Feb 27
@TheNeocom I just listened to The Neocom Podcast #15 and it was awesome!! Great job!

General Stargazer ‏@Blind_Hope Feb 25
@Mikeazariah on the bloopers reel at the end of the last @TheNeocom got me “Let’s tempt fate with me recording as backup muhahaha” XD

Neville Smit ‏@NevilleSmit Feb 24
@TheNeocom Thank you for the spotlight!
Tweetfleet Slack Mail:
Angel Penshar
Hey Proto, Can I interest you in coming to Templecon (warwick, RI Aug 25-28) and participating in some panels? We are adding EVE Events this year and would love to have a lore panel. We would also like to have other panels such as podcasting. Any interest?

EVE Online News:

Citadels OMG SHINY

Capital changes and all that

The Imperium is GONE man (well, sort of)

New tactical overlay & camera update:
New in 118.6: Tactical overlay: direction & velocity indicators

Shadow of the Serpent (nine different sites plus roving rats! Rewards tbc…)

118.6 patch:
Revamped Opportunities & changes in starter systems
Dailies: we barely knew you
Scope Network Challenges
Legal possession & use of boosters in all space (Manufacturing etc unchanged)
Multifit, aka Fit-fit!
8 overview tabs
Citadel iteration: some minor added functionality inc. autopilot, direct trading, fighters without skills etc
Serpentis capitals

Scope: First Keepstar deployed by Hard Knocks

Citadel Guide:

Eve Online FanFest 2016 Youtube Playlist (29 videos):

Eve Community News:

Eve Reader Project Ruthless:

Eli’s new stream

Roedyn’s trading project

Newly released E-Book by @rixxjavix The Empyrean Chronicles (19 stories)

Sindel Pellion new song with community doot-doos

BREAK (Music selection: Part of Your Fleet – Subira Hakuli)



DUST514 / Valkyrie / Gunjack News:

DUST is dead…Long live Project Nova!

Welcome to CCP Redcape!

Occulus Rift Pre-orders delayed (but it’s slowly getting better!)

Cross platform availability for Valkyrie for Occulus, HTCVive, and PlaystationVR – PSVR Valkyrie confirmed for October 13th

Carrier Assault/Crossroads map is now live! \o/

Gunjack now available on Oculus Rift/HTC Vive – Gunjack Next announced alongside Google Daydream announcement

Project Discovery Mastery

Suggested links


Closing Monologue:
Music, background tracks, and bumpers feature works by Proto, CCP RealX, Luobote Kong, Ned Thomas, and Terris Dadundar.

The Neocom Podcast is available through the RSS feed or by visiting us at If you’re tuning in via iTunes, please leave us a 5 star rating or give us a thumbs up on Stitcher. You can email us at

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Cyrillian – @CyrillianVoth
Manic Velocity – @manicvelocity
Zendane – @Zendane_Eve
Chyph3r – @ChYph3r
Elinari – @Elinari_R

You can also follow the podcast Twitter @TheNeocom for website updates, articles, and check out The Neocom Network for more podcast content from our affiliated studios such as Project: Eve Audio, The Tinfoil Factory, The Nova Newscast, and now featuring the Eve Reader Podcast!

We also have an ingame channel if you’d like to chat with us or just hang out. Join the in game channel “TheNeocom” – all one word.

CLOSING / Thank You to Guests / Final Remarks

Closing Song: That’s How We Know You Fucked Up – Sindel Pellion

The Neocom Podcast, The Tinfoil Factory, Links in Local, and all productions of The Neocom Network are produced under a fair use, non-derivative, non-commercial, Creative Commons 4.0 license and is copyrighted to The Neocom Network. For more information regarding the use of material in this or any other podcast, please visit

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