For a while now, I have been dabbling with the idea of using my trading skills as a means to attract people that may be interested in investing money in my operations. So, a week ago I reached out to my friends in the Neocom team, and found willing supporters. This week concluded the first week of the investment project and it was a success. All parties were paid and business agreements remain intact.

I find myself in the fortunate position to have friends that are willing to trust me with their isk for the purpose of paying out interest. Currently, this is the model we are using.

  1. I will receive isk on my main trading toon. Since this is the early stages of this new type of operation I thought it would be wise to put a cap on how much added funds I receive. This should better control expectations and added effort on my part.
  2. I will hold onto the invested capital and pay out 10% of that value every week. Unless requested, I will keep the capital in order to continue to do the 10% pay out.
  3. I will utilize my corp bulletin as a way to list all investors and amount to be paid weekly. This will also make the pay outs simpler since I can right click + give money to all investors.

The main issue I had to overcome with this change was how to scale my operations to accommodate the extra funds. Although this sounds like a first world problem, I thought it was a challenge. I had to make sure I was buying up more goods in order to ensure that I was making full use of all the capital and making the necessary profit to be able to pay out. With that, I started buying up items that were pretty foreign to me. However, with that risk, I am glad that it worked out in the end and a profit was made on most of the trades for the week.

Now that I’m dipping my toes into trading with other people’s money, I’m very curious to find out from experienced traders how they go about with this particular style of trading.

  1. How do you find investors willing to give you isk to trade with?
  2. Do you prefer investors that are known contacts?
  3. How can you convince people that may not know you to invest money in your operation?
  4. What kind of creative pay-out plans have you used in the past?

My wallet has never seen this much money to trade with. This is an exciting time for me and my friends. I hope this will continue and we eventually find ourselves winning the isk rat race.

I look forward to hearing the stories of other experienced traders and investors. If there is one thing that is missing from the game’s market play is its ability to conduct it in an organized manner for player groups. Much can be gained from using a method like this to financially sustain organizations. I just hope we can work towards making that kind of game play choice a safer and more viable option even for newer players.


Now let’s see how we did this trade week.


Due to the increased funding I received this week, I was able to capture more buy orders. Even though I was again hampered by wardecs, causing me to focus on station trading only, I was able to regain ground by increasing the volume of trade conducted.

The new items you may see from the list above are advanced materials. Using technical analysis, I purchased advanced moon materials that I thought were undervalued at the time. I must refine this method since it seems like a good way to earn a decent return as long as you are comfortable holding onto that stock for an extended period of time.

Besides that, I have also been trading on T3 Cruiser Subsystems.  To be honest, I was not confident on the returns I would earn from these, since I assumed that builders would not be inclined to sell them to buy orders.  Fortunately, I was incorrect.

Thank you very much to my friends who supported my trading activities. Without the added capital, there was no way I could have gained the profit levels of the week. To those who are interested in pursuing similar activities, don’t be afraid to reach out to people you know who may be inclined to support traders. Just remember this – we don’t sell modules or ships. We are in the business of selling convenience and earning trust. Good luck and happy trading.



  1. Hey man! I really enjoy reading up on what you are doing, it’s really cool. I’m just getting into trading myself and had a few question.

    1. How do you keep your taxes so low?
    2. How many hours do you spend updating orders?
    3. Is there anyway any of your readers could send you isk and be an investor? Would love to support you.

    You could start off new investors with a lower return but for every week they stay with you then you can increase how much you pay them by 1% to a maximum of anything. Therefore rewarding players that form a history with you. Or new investors can only give you soo much isk per week or month they are with you. New ones only get to invest 250mil with you but after the first month they can invest 1bil. That way you aren’t asking for two large of a commitment from anyone.

    Anyways keep it up you are doing awesome!


    • Hi there to answer your questions
      1. The taxes are kept low by buying from fortizars with 0% tax rate.
      2. During weeknights, I only update my orders twice. So that may take the better part of an hour. I update more during the weekends.
      3. As far as trading for you, eve mail me on Roedyn and I’ll forward you the information. But basically, I pay out 10% weekly to the guys I trade for.

      Thanks for enjoying the article. Market and trading is pretty tough to get into in general. I just figured the more information is out there the better.


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