This week was pretty uneventful in the trading front. There were no obvious opportunities I could take advantage of, and no newly-discovered obscure honey pot of a market hub. So in the lull, I thought I would entertain the idea of restarting my T3 production line.

I had several T3 destroyer and cruiser BPCs on hand from the last time my production line was active. Upon investigating the material cost of the builds, I was surprised how different they were from the last time I built T3 hulls. After some calculations, T3 destroyers were quite profitable – the build cost being almost 10% under buy order for the completed ships at the time of my investigation. Soon after this discovery, buy orders for materials were placed and the old production Caldari Tower was back online.

Besides being an active trader and T2 / T3 producer, I am also quite versed in the acquisition and conversion of loyalty points. This is a product of my presence in the faction warfare zones. Although this particular activity may not immediately be associated with industry, I see it as such. If one had the ability to efficiently build the T1 module / ship requirements for the loyalty point conversions, then that is added value to what otherwise might already be profitable items to produce.

I’ve always been involved in these activities, but never before had I actually tried to complement them with each other. The link between them is my reliance on the greater market for the materials needed to produce goods for sale. I don’t mine for my minerals, I don’t loot missions for meta modules, and I don’t run reaction chains. I am free from the chains of harvesting structures. Conceptually, I can be involved in multiple facets of industry simultaneously. These activities can be thought of as being part of my industrial passive income portfolio.

So what?

For those that are interested, I want to be able to share these ideas and methods with players and player entities out there that would like to build a similar program of passive self-sufficiency.

I’ve had my fair share of corp start-ups, and perhaps the most challenging aspect of that development is the ability to keep members equipped, hungry for content, and an eye to punch above their weight class. Unfortunately, you need money to keep that kind of machine running smoothly. I can say confidently from experience that much like a real life marriage, money or lack thereof, is often a cause for disharmony. If this problem can be attacked from an organizational stand point, then an entity has a much higher chance of developing into a formidable force.

What can I offer you or your organization?

  • Guidance and knowledge from a seasoned industrialist;
  • An industrial corporation with the infrastructure to support organized trading, production, and hauling activities;
  • A venue from which to test market theories by way of sharing funds via a dedicated corporate wallet;
  • Leads to niche market hubs primarily focused around border low sec / null sec regions.

To be clear, this is not a corp recruitment script. That may not be viable, especially if all you want to do is take knowledge back to your home corp or alliance. That is absolutely fine, but you can still take advantage of linking with industrial players that are willing to share information and experience.

If interested, please feel free to contact me in game on my industrial corp CEO toon – Roebro

Other sources of knowledge and like-minded players include, but of course not limited to:

SCC-Lounge  –  This is both an in game channel and Discord channel for market players

Eve Prosper  –  A you tube channel by Lockefoxe where he discusses market stories and news

Eve Talk  –  Another you tube channel by delonewolf where market news is discussed

I hope this will help you find fellow market and industrial players as well as a source for ideas in how to take advantage of various Eve markets.


Let’s see how we did in the market this week.

week_22may16(1)week_22may16(2)week_22may16(5)It was a pretty stable week; no real surprises. However, I noticed some clues late in the week that might have some effect in key regional markets.

Sell orders in Dodixie were surprisingly similar to those in Jita. At the time of writing, I have not prepared specific items to buy for the purpose of exporting. This may be due to increased activity in the Caldari / Gallente faction warfare front, specifically the southern regions of the warzone, with Dodixie being the primary market hub to supply those regions.

Across the pond, the Minmatar have finally gained ground and flipped three systems back into their control. Although not an immediate sign of a warzone control switch, one must be diligent in observing the relevant LP conversions for these factions as the value is closely tied to the health of that warzone.

Personally, I have well over 1 million Amarr LP to convert into faction goods. I can only hope that I will have time to farm more before the clockwork control switch happens. Another piece of evidence that points to the Amarr losing ground is that I have been seeing more and more of their pilots offensively farming the Caldari / Gallente warzone. With fewer pilots back home to maintain positive control over the farther reaches of the Empire, it will only make it easier for the Minmatar to potentially ninja a few more systems before proper defense fleets are fielded routinely.

My plan this week will be to investigate exploration goods. With the change to the frequency of high quality drops from relic and data sites, I wonder if there is opportunity that will present itself in these markets.

Thanks for reading and happy trading.


  1. The Amarr are losing ground to the Minmatar because they are letting the war zone flip. At this point Amarr LP isn’t worth much. Many people have 10’s of millions stocked up. They will let the zone flip and then cash it in for hilarious amounts of isk.

    Dirt and glitter has already deployed to the Vale with Test and many other Amarr FW corps are deploying with the Caldari while the Gallente are embroiled in a civil war.

    TL;DR Farm the shit out of Amarr LP while you can and cash it in for bazillions of isk in a few months.


    • Very good point. I’ve always found it interesting that there is more of an exchange in control in the amarr / minmatar front than cal / gal. I guess each warzone has its particular flavor and motivations.


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