Over the past several weeks, I have managed to maintain presence over a majority of the high sec border faction warfare markets. However, the last faction I have yet to seed is the Amarr side of the conflict. Using characteristics that I used to identify potential market space in the other faction zones, I thought I could do the same for the Amarr. To my surprise, the market behavior in this untapped market was unique.

The Amarr / Minmatar faction warfare space has always been different compared to their counterparts in the Caldari / Gallente war zone. Primarily, the Amarr / Minmatar war zone behaves in an oddly organized manner in that this particular war zone will see regular swings of power throughout the year. Like clockwork, loyalty point value will rise and decline much like the tides. Regardless of what this may lead players to believe, this is just something that exists and therefore must be accounted for when attempting to break into the local market.

The current state of the Amarr / Minmatar conflict sees the Amarr firmly seated at tier 4 for the last several weeks. This dominance has allowed them to once again develop their long held capital systems of Huola and Kourmonen.

week_15may16(6)With this, the vast majority of the market presence that would support war efforts are firmly seeded within these systems. The Amarr trade hub is less than 10 jumps away, making it easy to send materials via jump freighters.

Now, what does this mean for my goal of finding new markets to exploit in low sec? Currently, I feel that there is not much value in competing in a regional market that sees incredibly low volume of traded items. It is a fair assumption that the majority of the war goods used in the conflict comes from organizational SRP or other similar programs used to promote protection of the war zone. That is a market that I simply cannot compete against as an outsider.

I will continue to study the adjacent regions to see if there is a need for a particular type of market. A quick glance in Dotlan will show that Providence and Curse are not far. Perhaps there is still room for another traveling salesman in these parts.


Now let’s see how we did for this trading week.


week_15may16(2)week_15may16(5)My portfolio of traded goods is getting smaller and smaller while the profits seem to be holding steady well above 100 million ISK per week for the past several weeks. I also added Villore as another newly seeded market hub.

Villore unfortunately is showing disappointingly low volume. However, I was not able to seed this station until the middle of the week. I will give it another full week to decide whether to keep the goods there or move it to nearby Dodixie just to keep things moving along.

There have been no losing trades for the week, but I imagine that will change soon as I am still holding several stocks that are trending downwards at the time of writing. Much like the Amarr FW market hub example cited above, the Gallente also behave in a similar manner. Their side of the war zone seems awfully bare as far as the open market items are concerned, so seeding stations with the hope of a relatively quick turn around for profit will be an uphill battle.

The current Gallente FW civil war will more than likely see an increase in the organizational stock of war goods throughout relevant Gallente controlled systems in the south. However, I believe this will not necessarily increase open market demand. More than likely, goods will be ferried via jump freighters and staged on site for quick access. Instead, I expect the demand to be felt from the closest major trade hub – Dodixie.

With another exciting trading week come and gone, I hope you all had a successful time in the market. Good luck and happy trading.

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